Unfinished Business Cast of Characters

Unfinished Business Cast of Characters

This is the main cast of my original characters from “Unfinished Business” and “Curious. I wanted to draw them because I could see them clearly in my imagination. Most of my earlier characters were designed so the reader could project the characteristics they wanted to onto the characters, and cartoon-style allows me to maintain that set-up while still giving a hint of what they look like in my mind.
From left to right:
FarReacher – Chief Intelligence Officer, rumored to have been retrovirused and no one remembers him, wear excessive finger armor, young for his role, very strong telepathic mind
Fairmoons – Hive Queen who sees great potential in the right officers and loves having children
Nightfrost –Field Operations Officer, former runner hunter
Skyspan –Scout Pilot, full-brother of Nightfrost, goes missing after a prolonged fight with his brother
Windsong – Worshipper of Skyspan; Wraithling caregiver