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Artists, think twice about sharing clear PNG images without watermarks

Posting images to dA and other sites as clear PNG files without backgrounds and no watermark over them makes your work even more prone to art theft than those without backgrounds.

Here is an example of what I mean by a clear background, this example being of stock images meant to be shared stating “Free for commercial use, No attribution required”: https://pixabay.com/en/water-splash-png-2748640/

Yes, art theft is still happening at the SGC site, which is against the site’s rules 3A and 3B and artists can and should report them. When it is my artwork, I report the thieves to both the SGC site (through Topfan’s management which made the site software) and also Apple’s legal department, which hosts the SGC app, if the thief will not take it down. Apple has a history of both supporting artists and outstanding customer service. The original artist has to do the reporting, as the artists are the ones who can vouch for if permission was given or not.

Unless you intend for your work to be stock, protect it with backgrounds and watermarks.

*Update: I removed the original example links from this post, in case they give other people ideas about trying to take that other artist’s work of her original character. The artist lives in a geoblocked country. Clear PNG files are just too easy to drag and drop. Also, I hope SGC staff will delete the stolen art. The past few months, the mods have been much faster at it and it will hopefully be gone.


Iratus Bugs as Pets

Sometimes, the subject of Iratus bugs as companion animals, informally referred to as “pets,” comes up in the fandom. Would it it ethical to bring Iratus bugs home?

For Wraith? Most likely. Todd being able to approach a Queen to be healed from “Infection” and masked warriors walking among the bugs outdoors on the Wraith planet in “38 Minutes” suggests a mutual free association. Todd was probably free to enter a nest cave and approach, as Bug Shep was able to do with his pheromones in “Conversion.” Iratus bugs may also have telepathy, as Wraith got that ability from somewhere, and may be able to communicate with Wraith on some level. There is a shared understanding, by pheromones and/or telepathy. Wraith hives are also like caves, giving Iratus bugs plenty of room to move and feel at home. When the hives are grounded, the bugs may even be able to come and go as they please. Additionally, Wraith honor their Iratus bug heritage with sculptures and icons.

For humans? Unless in a rescue/rehab situation, most likely not. For starters, any human incorrectly labeling other species as “unintelligent” and treating them as property/objects, not as individuals, does not deserve said companionship (and should not be writing scifi content either). The bugs would be caged, as prisoners, not as companions, and would be given the Harambe treatment the moment they escaped. Cats and dogs in shelters need of rescue, love, and care; Iratus bugs would just need humans to leave them alone.

Iratus bugs are free-born beings and they belong with their colonies or whoever they choose, if that might include Wraith associations.

LGBT-Phobic Art Thief Screencap, LGBT Vampires

Content warning in screencaps: LGBTQ+ phobia, racism, Islamophobia, white separatism

I am “out of control” according to her, as Wraith are space vampires, and she also posts against multiculturalism, but she sure does like to steal my art to post it to her Facebook page. How about that? 😛

LGBTQ+ rights are not a “left” or political thing, but are basic human rights, and LGBTQ+ people want representation in fiction just as other demographics.

My Wraith and many worshippers are basically pansexual with obvious male x male pairings so far and I have ethnically diverse characters who are transgender, demigender, genderfluid, gender ambiguous, and/or questioning. I also have art with female x female and male x male unofficial ships from the tie-ins. That is representation, freedom, and liberty and will not be erased. I will simply underscore it yet again in this post. 🙂

These people must not have seen any of the John x Todd fanfics other fans write that dominate AO3 either. 😛 No Wraith fan could, or should, miss them. ^_^

She does not steal the art of same sex ships or art with darker-skinned worshippers. But, does she also not see that the Wraith have green skin and that Wraith x human relationships, of all pairing types, are both interracial and multicultural? Moreover, the RPG she took over was founded by an LGBTQ+ ally and another person who has Mexican heritage.

Yes, LGBT vampires do exist in traditional vampire media too. “Interview with the Vampire” and “Queen of the Damned,” anyone? You know, the movie in which the character Queen Akasha is named after?  🙂

Speaking of vampires of diverse pairings, this book was pretty good. It features a variety of pairings and the vampires are the protagonists, as everyday people who happen to have been turned, and mostly relatable. One of the couples is male vampire x male human vampire hunter. Love wins and love is love. ❤

Alt-Right Facebook Art Thief in the Wraith Fandom

There is an alt-right woman on Facebook using my art without my permission, including 1) uploading art and crediting it to broken links and 2) using art in photomanips of her own without any credit.

This person does not have my permission to use my art, in any capacity, and has been asked several times to remove it over the years, but she re-uploads a few weeks or months later.

She is also using artwork of other Stargate Wraith artists as re-captioned photomanips and banners and it is questionable if she had their permission either, as one of the artists has a multicultural family.

I am warning everyone about this bigoted art thief.

As I said, she has been asked to take it down more than once and she throws a temper tantrum when asking her to remove it and yells for support from alt-right conspiracy theory kook groups. People such as her are why watermarks exist and why art is not shared in full HD or 4K sizes. Shame!

PS: Typical alt-right for them to steal while putting others down. 95% of the “people” liking and even commenting on her posts are her own fake and RPG accounts– also very typical of the alt right because they have no lives of their own. And: Newsflash: Gordon is not white and all Wraith x worshipper relationships are interracial relationships. The whole founding premise of the WI RPG is Wraith coming to Earth and Earth humans getting to know Wraith culture. 😛

Content warning in screencaps: LGBTQ+ phobia, racism, Islamophobia, white separatism

If one is going to steal art, shouldn’t the face at least be in the correct direction? 😛

Upcoming Tumblr Purge

Go and save any of your favorite short stories and art from Tumblr, if you haven’t already. For those who have not heard, on Dec 17th, Tumblr will be doing a site-wide purge of NSFW content.

Some Stargate accounts are already gone. I’m not sure if Tumblr did that or if the authors pre-deleted them. Some authors are elsewhere, such as AO3, and I hope other creatives do the same.

But, not everyone will want to move everything or are around anymore to move the works. As with LiveJournal’s debacles, a lot of Stargate stuff is going to disappear forever.

Many sites are fickle. deviantArt, Photobucket, Picasa, Google photos, OneDrive, Flickr, Facebook, Myspace, LiveJournal, Fanfiction.net…

They purge our photos. They purge our accounts. They lower our agreed upon storage space.  They double the price of memberships. They make what was once free into expensive fees. They cut mod staff and let trolls run rampant. They make it so users can’t download the stories into eReaders. They lose our data in server transfers and put us in beta without our consent.

I’ve long been disaffected.

The old MGM website of 10 years is gone and how long will the new SGC site last? No one lives forever and moderation at GW is at an all-time low and xenophobes are wrecking the place. What if the franchise would be sold off? Who knows if either site will be here in 2-5 years or under new ownership?

Given history of various sites, I declare no loyalties. Tumblr is just another to add to the list.