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No Site is the Hub of All Things Stargate

No site is, was, or ever will be, the hub of all things Stargate.

This is a good thing.

The fandom is too big; the interests are too varied.

There are art sites, game modding sites, RPG sites, fanfic sites, forum sites, picture archive sites, pages for the cast and crew members, pages specializing in characters, shows, or the scifi races, social media pages, screencap pages, cosplay pages, sites in various world languages…

Besides, no one site should have that much power. Ever. Bullying and trolling happens, mods are only human and make mistakes, and users can start over elsewhere if they made mistakes.

When one site winds down, such as Livejournal, others take its place.

It’s inconvenient, sometimes, to not have everything in one place, but it works out for the best.


Is Kindle Unlimited Making Traditional Book Cover Art Obsolete?

According to a bestselling scifi author presenting at my local library, book covers are almost obsolete, at least for certain genres which are heavily read in digital format, such as scifi and romance.

He said customers only see thumbnails of the covers for 4.7 seconds, while deciding if they are going to read or buy the book on Amazon, then never again, as the eReaders open up to the first page of text, bypassing the cover art altogether.

Cover art for books within some genres have become near clones of one another, thrown together with stock images of silhouettes of people and cityscapes by artists who have not read the books and never will. The covers merely mimic the saturated color palettes and themes of whatever is currently selling well, meant to  convey a genre– not characters or scenes from the actual books.

Covers only matter as quick marketing thumbnails and to have something colorful for printing a few copies of the books for cons or author fairs.

Are the covers being ignored because they are no longer relevant… or because they have all become too similar? Some of both?

As depictions of book characters become more rare, fanart seems all the more precious.

Don’t Leave Your Messages to Chance: The Importance of Artist and Author Notes for Progressives

Edouard Manet, A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, 1882, Wikipedia

What possible social messages do you see in the above painting? Do you see class hierarchy of a working woman serving wealthier people? A woman’s body on display as something to purchase, along with the items on the counter? Or, do you hone in on the legs of the trapeze artist in the upper corner that one can hardly see and theorize the painter was making a statement about loss of mobility? This trapeze discussion actually happened in a class I once took and I felt uncomfortable with people assigning meaning to something the artist may not have intended and who was no longer alive to speak to confirm or deny it.

Big difference in weight of content messaging and interpretation, isn’t there?

Why leave the message of your work to such chance? Meanings get lost in time– and even presently, across cultures in a digital, global age. Sometimes, meanings and themes can even be deliberately glossed over or ignored, especially messages about justice for fellow animals. Do you want to leave your audience fixated on an inaccurate or irrelevant detail while your work’s real message is sidelined?

This goes double for fiction writers. It has historically been more common for non-fiction authors and visual artists to have statements included with their work than for fiction authors. This needs to change and is starting to.

Ao3 roused getting me thinking about this, with its author notes and end notes sections. Creatives need to make more use of such features regular parts of fiction books, too, with intros and afterthoughts. As creatives, we should have our say, especially if we want to drive home points about nonviolence. And, self-publishing platforms make it easier than ever. I even saw one author write her own study questions, for readers and book clubs to use to reflect.

You put a lot of thought and effort into your works and want to see the world be a better place. Tell people loudly and proudly! Don’t leave your deepest and most important messages to chance or to other peoples’ whims.

Abundance vs Scarcity Mindsets in Fandom as It Pertains to Viewing Opportunities and Other Races

I’ve blogged before about optimism in Wraith fans in this light-hearted, but true example.

Time and time again, I have seen seen a marked difference in mindsets within the Stargate Atlantis fandom from many years of viewing fanart, fanfiction, including the licensed tie-in books, and forum posts.

The Abundance Mindset (most fans of Wraith and other scifi races)

*Expanded circles of compassion, often including all animals (humans and insects are animals)

*See opportunity everywhere and that gains can be had with knowledge, learning, sharing, and cooperation

*Engage in continuing education, keep current with books and podcasts, do life-affirming activities

*Think creatively, brainstorm a multitude of mutually beneficial solutions for all; going beyond merely asking if something wonderful can be done to how all it can be done

The Scarcity Mindset (most xenophobic people)

*Concern limited to the self, probably also immediate family, and maybe those of the same skin color, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, etc.

*See life as a zero-sum game, to be lived in fear, with violence as the only solution against “the other”

*Stuck in the past, yearn for “simpler” time periods when there was more oppression

*Think retractively, even imposing additional constraints (!) on characters and settings that were not seen in the TV show at all, getting facts incorrect, further obscuring, narrowing, and eliminating available options

What mind-forged manacles might be weighing down those trapped in scarcity mindsets in real life, thereby diminishing opportunities, inclusiveness, and tranquility? Who taught and/or continues to reinforce the mindset of scarcity and, thus, keep people from becoming more in real life too? Parents? Teachers? Managers? Anyone else continuing to enable apathy and to not expect the best versions of ourselves?

Thankfully, the mind works as a muscle and those in the scarcity mindset can break free and jump onto a better track of mind, with positive books and techniques, such as The Miracle Morning. It just takes awareness and willingness.

*(Thinking back to my grade school years, I can say that every single book I was forced to read had an unhappy ending that conveyed the message of, as Homer Simpson put it, “You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.” I never accepted that and even went so far and to give one teacher a list of books similar to the ones she was teaching in time period and in theme, but that had positive outcomes as rewards for courage and ingenuity. What she did with that list was up to her.)

More (Mis)Adventures in Geoblocking Possibly Affecting the Wraith Fandom

An announcement was made that the SGC site will contain these new features (bold added for emphasis):

*Curated story arcs: Experience classic stories via curated story arcs and integrated content along with the full Stargate library
*Comics and E-books: Lose yourself in our comprehensive library of classic and NEW digital comics and E-Books (Coming Soon!)
*Fan-Driven Content: Participate in the making of fan-driven content, including new stories (Coming Soon!)
*Event Access: Be the first to access Stargate events and experiences

It’s been a year with no access for most of the world in sight and things went from bad to worse. Privileged people in 6 select countries who were able to pay were bestowed an 3 additional free months subscription, founding member titles, and physical badges mailed to them. Everyone else is still locked out!!!

I try to ignore it, as a Wraith fan, but this could impact the Wraith fandom if new comics or other content has Wraith and they have to be viewed on the geoblocked SGC site and if people in most of the world can no longer buy print editions, read them in libraries or comic shops, or read digital editions through Amazon. The Legacy and tie-in divide is annoying enough, but at least those are not geoblocked. It could be the first time the Wraith fandom would be impacted by geoblocking.

I will report as I learn more as it pertains to the Wraith fandom, if I am able to learn more, as my region lacks the physical infrastructure to access a lot of the free stuff the SGC site even offers. The files, streams, or whatever don’t load.

Future Wraith content or not, this is no fun for the fandom. I have never seen anything like this and hope to never again in any other fandom.

Kintsukuroi and Characters

Which Wraith and other characters might this concept symbolically apply to?

Did they rebuild themselves or did they have help?

What was the way they repaired themselves?

Of course, they were always beautiful, but how might they have come out stronger than before, in talents, abilities, and knowledge?

Todd, John x Todd, Michael…?

Do you have any OCs like this?

How might Wraith culture and the Pegasus galaxy look after the civil war and Wraith-Lantean war are over? Can things be made whole again, even stronger than before, after many years, with new alliances and galactic peace?

Don’t Let “Yeah, But You Didn’t” Be You

“Modern Art = I could do that + Yeah, but you didn’t.” –Third Drawer Down Studio and Craig Damrauer

Don’t let “yeah, but you didn’t” be you, for modern art or for anything else.

What all could you be doing, but haven’t yet? Digital art. Short story writing. Origami. Making some nice Chef Chloe Coscarelli recipes from her books.

Turn those “yeah, but you didn’ts” into some fun projects. It’s your life and you deserve creative fun time too. 🙂