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Even Ronon Refers to Wraith as People and Uses Proper Pronouns

In “Enemy at the Gate,” Ronon says about Todd, “He got betrayed by one of his own people. Now he wants us to help him clean up the mess. End of story.”

If Ronon can use the same words Wraith use for themselves (my people, your people, our lineage, he/him, etc.), then anyone can.

Frell xenophobia, outgrouping, and othering.


Paint For My Fellow Vegan Wraith Fans

Sherwin Williams has us covered. 🙂 Any old green will not do. No. Such a nice minty, Wraithy green. It could maybe be a little brighter, but I will take it. 😀

Now, I also want a Season 5 Wraith Finger Armor Blue, a Hiveship Biolight Blue, a Wraith Eyes Green Gold, a Wraith Coat Black, a Wraith Hair White, etc. XD

Using [sic] to Denote Misgendering in Quotations

Misgendering Wraith with the pronoun “it” is not canon and violates the source hierarchy. Plus, it is just plain outdated and rude.

Source 1 On-screen dialogue:
Both Wraith and the New Lanteans refer to the males with he/him and the Queens as she/her. This includes the masked warriors. Not even Ronon misgenders.
WRAITH: Put him with the others. (referring to masked warrior)
WRAITH: Wake her. (referring to the Queen)
WRAITH: He is in a holding cell. He completed the recalibration that was required. (referring to Todd)
McKAY: Hey, where’s Todd? SHEPPARD: He escaped. (referring to Todd)

Source 2 On-screen visual cues:
The masked warriors have certain types of armor pieces and the Queens have curvy features.

Source 3 On-screen episode credits:
The Lost Tribe’s cast credits state “Male Wraith”

Additionally, misgendering makes Stargate look out-of-touch. One does not see Ninja Turtle Leonardo nor Transformers Megatron being mislabelled “it.”

Whenever I quote someone misgendering/violating canon and the way Wraith define themselves, I use [sic] to denote the error. Example: “Ronon promptly runs towards it [sic] and aims his blaster at its [sic] head.”

Using [sic] calls out the error and disavows support for misgendering, othering, and objectification in racism, speciesism, etc.

On Shipping Types and Denotations

It seems some gaters say that the word “ship” is only for het pairings, with LGBTQ+ pairings being called “slash.” If some gaters say this, it does not align with what most fandoms do, which is to have both het and slash subsets of ships. In Voltron, for example, Klance and Kallura are both ships (Keith x Lance and Keith x Allura, respectively).

Such a distinction does not align with what I write either. Het, slash, and non-binary character pairings are all ships. Love is love and it is all shipping.

Similarly, I refuse to use “+” for het or “/” for LGBTQ+ in pairing denotations. I use “x” or “X” for all pairings, as in Todd x John, Todd x Jennifer, and Todd x whoever. It just seems easier, and more equitable, to apply the same denotations to all pairings. No rules. Just love.

Dear People Misgendering Wraith as “It”

You have been asleep since about 1953. It’s 2018 now and there have been a number of social advancements.

Here in 2018, it is rude to misgender others, including those who might look a different from you.

Generations of people, many having long been adults, have grown up watching cartoons and live action shows depicting races of nonhuman and/or partly-human characters. Examples include:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Marvel Universe

Dark Angel

Star Wars


Babylon 5

Star Trek

These characters are politely referred to with the pronouns in which they use to identify themselves. This means that these characters, along with the Stargate races, should not be referred to as “it,” “thing,” and so forth, which are for inanimate objects and is, therefore, objectifying.

On Stargate, the Wraith refer to themselves with he/him and she/her pronoun sets. Not “it.” Anything else violates the canon source hierarchy (dialogue, visual cues, and end credits).

There is no need other non-binary people and/or characters, by either making all of the aliens non-binary and none of the humans (exoticizing rather than inclusive and normalizing), or by impolite use of the word “it” (objectifying).

In the event a character is non-binary, preferred pronouns are often they/them or other sets of pronouns. Please see this link from Wikipedia on genderqueer identities for examples. Please also see this link from Oxford dictionaries to verify the grammar and history of the use of they/them in the singular.

Also, here in 2018, it is also rude to make up puerile rumors about scifi races in general, such as alleged body odors, nor call them names, such as “thing.” In the ways which matter the most, we are all alike, and we are someones, not somethings.

Welcome to 2018.


A modern scifi reader

What if Wraith OCs Would Meet?

For those of you with OCs, did you ever stop to think what would happen if your Wraith OCs met other peoples’ Wraith OCs? Or, how meetings would go between two other peoples’ OCs who are not your own? 😀

Our OCs get spotlights which last longer than 2 minutes on screen and, resulting, we get to know their endearing follies, how to push their buttons, how to goad them into stuff, and what makes them tick. 😀

Oh, the pranks, fights, facepalming and sighing, mentoring, sports and dart racing matches, compliments, etc. which would be bound to ensue! 😛 😀

(That said, do ask peoples’ permission before posting art or fics which include other peoples’ OCs. Ask before creating, then let the OC owner review the work, as well as any edits, before posting crossovers publicly. Over the years, I have seen accidental OC mix ups and takedown requests, for various reasons.)

Levels of Non-Canon Still Are Not Canon

Found on the wiki, this passage struck me as funny (bold added for emphasis): “The unpublished Fallout: Stargate Season Three sourcebook for the Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game developed by Alderac Entertainment Group named the giant aliens as the Tuohocan[1], though this was later overruled by the Stargate SG-1: City of the Gods novel, produced by Fandemonium, which named them the Omeyocan.”

LOL, what? Who says what non-canon tie-in overrules another? Are there little charts and graphs somewhere? What about the American Mythology SGA season 6 comics vs the Fandemonium SGA season 6 books? Will someone put them in a room and let them battle it out for which set overrules the other? Can I pay to watch that on some sports channel? 😀

How about Wraith blood, which Fandy treats as an ever-changing mood ring? It is red on the show, but can the green blood and black blood in the books do battle for second place? 😀

Translation for when someone says these things are canon: “I paid hundreds, if not thousands, of US dollars for all these books, audiobooks, comics, shipping, etc. and want those sunk costs to count for something.”