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Misused Words in Science Fiction: Sentient, Sapient, Intelligent, Speciesism, Uninhabited

In science fiction, one tends to see the same handful of words being thrown around, in which the writers 1) do not know the definitions of the words they are using and 2) attempt to misuse the words to prop up anthropocentrism, ableism, and speciesism, to try to alleviate guilt for needlessly harming fellow animals.

Let’s unpack these commonly misused words:

sentient – adj -able to perceive or feel things

This includes any beings who have nervous systems, ganglia, nerve nets, etc. This includes just about all fellow animals, with the possible exceptions of sponges, corals, anemones, and hydras.

Speciesists try to place a dividing line between various galactic anthropocentric races who mysteriously speak English and all other fellow animals, claiming other fellow animals can’t feel and perceive with their senses, ignoring their sensory organs (eyes, ears, etc) and reactions to sensory input, such as fleeing from danger, crying out, happy purrs, etc.

sapient – adj – 1) wise*, or attempting to appear wise, 2) relating to the human species ( Homo sapiens )
(*wise – adj – having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment.)

Definition 1: Speciesists try to place a dividing line between various galactic anthropocentric races who mysteriously speak English and all other fellow animals, claiming other fellow animals can’t have experiences, learn, and show good judgement. There are plenty if YouTube videos showing cows operating farm doors and watering spigots, dogs teaching puppies how to use steps, crows using tools (including a frisbee as a makeshift sled on a roof), bees teaching one another, etc. The inability to speak English (or some other human language) is not a justification to harm someone (ableism) or assume they have no intelligence. Some humans can also be mute, for varying reasons, and there are also varying levels of intelligence and talents among humans.

Definition #2: Non-human galactic beings who mysteriously speak English are often mislabeled sapient, but the definition should technically not be used to describe any beings other than humans and human hybrids– and still should not be used as a divider to treat others inequitably– only as a racial description and nothing more. Due to definition #2, I avoid this word altogether due to its current speciesist connotations.

intelligent -adj- having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level

Same as definition #1 above.

speciesism – noun- the assumption of human animal superiority leading to the exploitation of other fellow animals

Speciesists, ironically, misuse the word as a stand-in for racism among various galactic anthropocentric races who mysteriously speak English. Speciesism applies to all fellow animals, not just English-speaking, humanoid beings. One who shakes hands with ET and also eats the bodies and reproductive secretions of other animals is still speciesist.

uninhabited – adj- (of a place) without inhabitants

Specieists misuse this word to represent only galactic anthropocentric races who mysteriously speak English. If birds, turtles, insects, and other fellow animals live in a place, then, the place is *not* uninhabited. Only barren islands or worlds devoid of all life are truly uninhabited.

Now that you know the inherent biases and misuses of these words, be on the lookout for them and don’t be fooled.


Wraith Are Not “Soul-Sucking”

Sometimes, non-Wraith fans describe the Wraith as “soul-sucking.”

This doesn’t make sense (as with many other things non-Wraith fans say).

Lifeforce and souls are two separate concepts.

In “Rising,” Sally described the feeding process as taking years, not souls. Wraith need lifeforce, not souls, just as vampires need blood and not souls. It is that simple.

New Kenny Wraith Fanfic Screening Rule

New rule for screening which fanfics to read: from now on, I’m skipping over anyone’s works who writes Kenny out.

If someone can’t tell the difference between Kenny, Rhys, Jareth, and Tubbs, they don’t pay attention to details, even important details, and the stories usually are not worth the time.

Not sure what took me so long to make this rule. 😛

Two Intriguing Fan Theories about Wraith Sensuality

Reading completed fanfics (and skimming the incomplete ones) with speculations about Wraith anatomy and abilities not seen onscreen, these theories stood out:

*Quite a few John x Todd ones theorize Wraith differ from humans for having ridges on their malehoods. Not sure how they mean. Similar to the ridges on their backs? Illustrations please! Inquiring worshippers want to know. For science, of course. 😉 😛 😀

*There are also a few which theorize the Gift of Life can be given anywhere, not only near the heart. Anywhere. Let your imaginations roam. 😉 I had not thought about this, but I guess it is possible. Because, in giving, there might not be the need to have the hand near the heart, to inject enzyme and to keep heart pumping longer. Oh, the possibilities. 😀

Who is Stargate Even For?

Looks like a Stargate forum suspended a long-time, prolific Stargate fan from posting for a few days, probably in regards to wanting access to Stargate, of all things. The forums are so dead right now. Another of them is more like PoliticalThread World, because the actual Stargate sections are collecting dust now that alt righters run around unchecked and have bullied a talented Stargate model maker off of there. I have on-topic Stargate questions I want to ask and threads I wanted to start about the ATA gene, the Ancients, the Asurans, and some of the Lanteans such as Amelia, but have learned the hard way not to bother. The fandom sites are not there for serious fans.

Outside of the 6 chosen nations and geoblocked (most of world)? Not welcome.
Don’t have high speed internet in your region? Not welcome.
Can’t afford to pay and need library DVDs? Not welcome.
Wraith fan? Not welcome.
Replicator fan? Not welcome.
Gender or sexual minority? Not welcome.
… and so on and so forth

That’s a whole lot of fans sidelined and we sure do add up, many of us in more than one of the above situations.

If the Stargate fandom is not for Stargate fans, then who is it even for?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The #MostPatientFansEver hashtag understandably upset many geoblocked Stargate fans. I remain vocally opposed to geoblocking, and also the underlying nationalism and classicism which goes along with it.


The #MostPatientFansEver hashtag goes to Wraith fans. And Asuran Fans. And Replicator fans. And fans of so many of the various Stargate races.

Just as those geoblocked have endured brand mismanagement, privileged comments, and spoilers for Origins, we have endured the same ignorant outgrouping from day 1 of of the all shows’ air times, speaking out against genocidal comments, misgendering, and racism/xenophobia.  Add to that, even if we have battle fatigue from being activists, advocates, and allies for these and similar causes outside of the fandom. For years. Years!

I’ve seen Wraith fans get inundated with idiotic comments and have received a number myself. This is why we make our own sites.

Geoblocked people are giving up, little by little, and migrating to other fandoms. But, Wraith fans remain.

How great our love of the Wraith is when, in the face of all this, we have kept going, for all these years? On many art sites, we even outnumber everyone else in the Stargate fandom with sheer volume of adoring output.

“Defiance tastes like life itself.”

“Wraith are never-ending.”

PS: When it comes to “connecting” to racist-speciesist-cis-hetero-sexist Stargate “fans,” this iris is closed. #NoPatienceForBigotry

No Site is the Hub of All Things Stargate

No site is, was, or ever will be, the hub of all things Stargate.

This is a good thing.

The fandom is too big; the interests are too varied.

There are art sites, game modding sites, RPG sites, fanfic sites, forum sites, picture archive sites, pages for the cast and crew members, pages specializing in characters, shows, or the scifi races, social media pages, screencap pages, cosplay pages, sites in various world languages…

Besides, no one site should have that much power. Ever. Bullying and trolling happens, mods are only human and make mistakes, and users can start over elsewhere if they made mistakes.

When one site winds down, such as Livejournal, others take its place.

It’s inconvenient, sometimes, to not have everything in one place, but it works out for the best.