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Review of Captain Marvel and Character Perseverance

(contains mild spoilers)

There were comments on one of Joe’s blogs some have not seen this movie yet. Some questionable interviews with the main actress and also people being spoiled on Marvel movies with several superheroes in them, wanting to skip straight to Avengers: Endgame, may be factors. Those factors should not let people keep them from watching a good movie.

This movie is highly recommend for the type of people who try not to judge books by their covers.

Marvel has a track record of having characters of various other-than-human skin colors as integrated, not exoticized, and not defining them in racist ways. Different family members often fall on opposing sides of conflicts and this adds intrigue and a more realistic and complex setting. This movie was no exception and had me wondering who to trust from all factions until the truth was figured out.

Marvel also has a track record for dealing well with how humans would fit into a world where there are more powerful beings or beings with different abilities. They do so in a realistic way that both acknowledges weaknesses and highlights strengths– while putting the strength focus on the main characters, as individuals making character choices, rather than pandering to the general audience. It is the hero who keeps getting up and trying again and again. Heroic traits can be strived for by audience members, but they are not inherent in everyone and they have to keep being made on a continual basis.

This movie gave me MORE of an appreciation for John x Todd fanfics. John, being human, is of weaker physical strength than Todd and has thousands of years less life experience. But, it is John’s strength of character, his perseverance, leadership, negotiation skills, and wit that earns him admiration from in-story characters, such as his team and Todd, and also the story audience. Not every human or Wraith has these qualities. This is something many free fanfic writers understand and many licensed Fandy fanfiction writers don’t understand.

Give this movie a watch. One superhero or ten, they all have the enjoyable awesomeness of the Marvel universe in them.


The Theme of Self-Sacrifice in Stargate Atlantis

“I’d do anything … for any one of you. If I had to give up my life the way Ronon was going to, I would.” — John in “Sateda”

The characters in SGA, more than other scifi shows, seem to be quick to sacrifice themselves when they know they are the only ones in position to help or when they know others are more qualified to continue living than they are.

This applies to the humans as well as the Wraith, in just about every episode. Some episodes show this from both, in multiple counts, past and present. In “Broken Ties,” Rhys (fan-given name) stayed in the facility on behalf of protecting his hive’s knowledge and Tyre stayed with Rhys to let the New Lanteans escape.

Sacrifice is not only being willing to cut life short, but also commit to a living lifetime. Rodney in “The Last Man” gave up his living life, decades in an unchallenging job for him, in near poverty and near solitude, to change the solar-flare altered timeline.

Contrast this to Star Trek TOS episode “The Galileo Seven” in which Spock tries to get a discussion going in a lifeboat situation about having to leave some people behind and everyone takes offense and refuses to cooperate, resulting in random people dying by attrition and The Orville episode “Primal Urges” in which the Nyxians planet’s was blowing up with only enough time and room to transport half the remaining population. They took time to conduct a lottery. Someone proposed a selection process and his crewmates were disgusted at him. In both shows, I don’t recall anyone volunteering.

Maybe it is because the situation in Pegasus is wartime, whereas other franchises are more focused on exploring. Even though the Lantean expedition was supposed to be civilian-led, it quickly became military-heavy. SGA feels different that way and a lot of fanfic writers pick up on this theme of willingness of self-sacrifice.

Stages of Embracing Mind-Melding in Fanfics

I see this in a lot of peoples’ fanfics over time and think it is cute! ^_^

Stage 1
Sharing thoughts and/or lifeforce? What? Now way! That may be OK for Wraith because they already have telepathy, but human thoughts are private and I don’t want to share those, thank you very much!

Stage 2
But, I think this human OC of mine might enjoy such a closeness, based on their personality profile and background story…

Stage 3
So, now, another human OC heard about the experience from the first human OC and they are jealous/curious and going to try it with their Wraith partner too…

Stage 4
Just about all of my Wraith-human couples have developed their own rituals or preferences for together time and there might even be official Wraith traditional bonding ceremonies, sometimes with levels. Time to make new OCs and new heartfelt stories of trust and adventure.

Stage 5
Mind-melding/lifeforce sharing is awesome ! Long live scifi!

An open letter to Stargate writers: leave any bigotry in your quarters

To Stargate writers, especially the writers of official content, licensed books, and other high-profile works and sites: respect the franchise and all of its fictional races. Wraith, Nox, Asurans, symbiotes, Unas… everyone. There is good and bad in every race. Bigoted speech brings down the Stargate fandom as well as normalizes outgrouping and othering in real life.

*Use the proper pronouns the races and individuals use for themselves, not the objectifying “it”
*Use the modern scifi standard of term “races,” not “creatures” or “things”
*Stop sensationalizing the Stargate races in an editorially negative manner
*Stop adding non-canon additions designed to sway the viewers against the races

Why you write for Stargate or science fiction if you are xenophobic makes no sense, but you are representing a beloved fandom and are being entrusted to do your job. As Captain Kirk said in Star Trek’s Original Series, “Leave any bigotry in your quarters. There’s no room for it on the bridge.”

Sincerely, a frustrated Stargate fan

Wraith Elements of Wraith Worshipper Clothing

Wraith Elements of Wraith Worshipper Clothing on Queen Betty’s Hive.
Iratus bug plate-like layers, dark swirls like tattoo flash art, wrist bracers, and silver hair wraps.
To wear this clothing would be an honor and shows shows human worshippers are part of the hive and culture. ^_^

See also: Iratus Bug Elements in Wraith Uniforms: a pictorial essay


Granny-Approved Beds of the Pegasus Galaxy

One thing the New Lantean humans, Ancients, and Wraith seemed to have in common was conspicuously small cots for beds. 😛
In at least one fanfic, Todd accidentally-on-purposely wrecks John’s granny-approved bed so that he will have to upgrade to a bigger and better one. XD