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Step 1: Take Over the Galaxy. Step 2?

In the Kindred part 1, Michael says, of the Wraith, “I’m building an army that will soon replace them as the dominant race in this galaxy.”

Later, Kanaan, under Michael’s mental influence, tells her “Then, one day soon, the galaxy will be ours.”

So. The galaxy will be Michael’s. Then what? Move on to the Milky Way and/or other galaxies?

Even if Michael did control the entire universe, then what? Sit back and relax? Because, anything afterwards seems kind of anti-climactic. Nowhere to go from there, unless maybe if one has access to infinite AUs, to spend life taking over those as well.

Yes, Michael initiated his cause for survival. But, then what? What makes life worth surviving for and what would he do with himself after achieving intergalactic domination?

So, what comes afterward when someone announces that they will take control of the galaxy or the universe?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Kidnapped TV Meme, Wraithified

*If the answer to both is your favorite Wraith, then pick the most recent Wraith you saw just before your favorite Wraith. That could make some interesting combo teams to have to work together. 😀

Wraithy Pajama Party!

Announcing: Wraith pajama party and sleep-over. 🙂

Bonfires, chanting, hiking, and chocolate paintball. The best fair trade, organic, dairy-free chocolate. 🙂

Wraith, worshippers, Wraithkin, hybrids, retrovirused Wraith, Queens, Commanders… all are welcome. ^_^

Choice of pajamas available in various colors. 🙂

Who is in?! 😀