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Gater Confession: I Keep Defunct Stargate Sites Bookmarked

There are a few bookmark links I can’t bring myself to delete, partly in protest at their being gone and partly in reminiscence. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Long-time Wraith fans, who all remembers these excellent sites?

*Official Stargate Website: Character: Todd

Todd’s official character page from the old Stargate website which was up for at least 10 years and contained dozens of high-resolution behind-the-scenes photos for each Stargate episode, interviews, extra video features, and more. The franchise and all the characters and races were treated with dignity as they should be. All free, no geoblocking. (Link now redirects to a newer, smaller page that only people in 6 countries who can afford to pay can access to see the features.)

*Hiveship : fan club des Wraiths

A fan site in the French language which did a great job preserving some of the first rotated backstage photos on Andee’s website and an older layout of the MastersFX site. There were also character and tattoo photos which inspired this site’s cataloguing. (Site is gone.)

*T0dd N4ti0n

A fan site dedicated to Todd with a lot of fan artwork which has been lost through the years, including some from an artist whose work inspired and influenced me. (Site is frozen and inaccessible for some reason, but may be able to be unlocked if the site owner comes back. Website title written in L33t, because this page title is apparently someone’s real name and I wonder if that is why the site got frozen. Better safe than sorry.)


What Color of Blood Do Iratus Bugs Have?

As addressed in the previous post, Wraith have red blood and appear to be warm-blooded.

So, what about Iratus bugs?

That’s kind of complicated, due to the lighting. Looks kind of purplish-blue? Hmmmmmm.

Oh no, not another white or blue dress fiasco. 😉 Definitely not Fandy black or green they attribute to Wraith though. 😛


Wraith are Warm-Blooded and Bleed Red

In “Vegas” Todd’s warm breath fogs up the clear panel when he approaches it and says John’s name. This suggests Wraith do not have cold blood.

Also: in “Broken Ties” Rhys’ blood is red and the special effects on the costumes, as photographed in the auctions under normal lighting, are also red.

Not that it matters morally the color or temperature, but for on-screen canon for our favorite human hybrids. 🙂

Why Vincent Should Have Returned in a Future SGA Season

In “Travellers,” Vincent gets to go free after restoring Larrin’s lifeforce. Before leaving the room and the ship, Vincent turns around and gets a clear look at John to know exactly who he is. (John’s hair is pretty easy to identify in a galaxy without much hair gel.)

What adventure could come of the encounter in the future?

Vincent is a potential Todd 2.0, a new Wraith ally now that the two of them kept a bargain. John let Vincent go and Vincent went on his way without doubling back and trying to take the ship.

This sows seeds for future alliances, especially if Todd and the New Lanteans can help the Wraith so that their energy needs can be met in a new way. The more Wraith who trust the New Lanteans in bargains, the better. Such an alliance would also be satisfying, because it would be the fruition of good deeds being rewarded.

Even if Vincent would not have negotiated with the New Lanteans directly, seeing him in Todd’s alliance, as a Commander in a hive affiliated with Todd’s, would be fun. And, John would give them plenty to talk about. 😀

Optimists, Pessimists, and Wraith Fans

Optimist: The glass is half full.

Pessimist: The glass is half empty.

Wraith fan: The glass can be refilled. And, refilled with something else next time too. Maybe some vintage Olesian wine. Commander Shawn likes that style. I want a set of silver goblets like the ones he was using. Where can I buy some of those? ^_^

Lack of Diverse Scientists in SGA Shows Lack of Commitment to Nonviolent Solutions

How does it go unquestioned that the Atlantis expedition can send a slew of military personnel and weapons of all kinds, even fully-staffed starships, to respond to the Wraith with violence, yet so few scientists to try to find ways to help the Wraith?

Moreover, SGC is a global organization. So, why is only *one* doctor working with Todd and his delegation on such an important project involving science? Why are there not dozens of doctors and scientists from China, Israel, Japan, UK and USA? A simple Google search shows these nations, for example, have a lot of funding in genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, etc. and I listed them alphabetically to not give any preference.

Jennifer is smart, but one person is not enough for diversity of expertise, idea generation, specialty, and mistake-finding. She only focused tunnel-vision on the work Carson started and Michael continued, but not other solutions, even those not involving altering Wraith bodies, such as how ships sustain Wraith during hibernation and extending that or Legacyverse making humans not age during feeding. Plus, the work has to be solid, else the Wraith going first would die from the treatment and then Pegasus humans would also continue to die.

Moreover, Jennifer isn’t focused on the retrovirus full time. Offworld visits to various villages take up a lot of her time.

The same goes for the Asurans. Why not dozens of programmers from around the world, such as India and Russia, to work to remove the attack code the Ancients put in and the Asurans wanted out (but the New Lanteans had reactivated)?

SGC needs a rebalance, in both priorities and staffing! More non-violent scientists, please, and bring them in from the entire globe, not just a small number white people from the US.

Kenny’s Snarky Response; Wraith Are Not Monolithic

*Found on a wiki article: “The Wraith came to that planet and demanded that all the Balarians be delivered to them.”
Correction: “A Wraith Commander” or “A hive of Wraith.” Dave (fandom-given name) is a Commander who represents one hive or one faction. Not the entire Wraith race.

*Found on a GW article: “On a distant hive ship the Wraith have begun Ronon’s own conversion process”
Correction: The Wraith “has.” Not “have.” Again, Rhys (fandom-given name) is a singular Wraith.

The acts of a few Wraith do not represent those of all Wraith.

Other cultural groups are not to be simplified as monolithic or stereotypical. That is racism and poor writing.

When Todd and John conspired to break from the Genii prison, then one would say “John conspired with Todd,” and not “the Wraith have conspired with the humans.”

Todd does not speak for all Wraith any more than John Sheppard represents all global human cultures, or Westerners, or males, all SGA viewers, or any other group. Todd and John only represent themselves (or those they have valid ambassadorship for, such as their military units or when Todd was given the right at the Lantean table to represent the 7 hives who would later be joining both him and the New Lanteans in a battle against the Asurans).

Asking Kenny what another Wraith hive is doing and expecting him to magically know is to deserve his snarky response: “I do not know. I’m not on the ship.”