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The City of Atlantis as a Symbol of Oppression to Pegasus Citizens

The city of Atlantis, to the audience and to the Earthborn human characters, is all wonder, awe, and excitement. It is a place to explore and to enjoy.

Not so for many of the citizens of the Pegasus galaxy.

For the Wraith, the Asurans, and possibly the grey Daedalus Variations race, the city symbolizes the Ancients and their their genocidal campaigns, the captives who died in the prisons there and the genocidal weapons manufactured there. That anger was so great that it did not fade in Todd nor Oberoth, after 10,000 years, and caused both leaders to make jumpy actions (Oberoth wanting to destroy Atlantis just for vengeance and Todd jumping to conclusions about the who reactivated the Attero device.)

For the native Pegasus humans, the city’s technology means domination, such as “The Game” and “The Tower.” The fact that humans arrived from the Milky Way galaxy just means someone else wields power now, rather than the Ancients. Season 5 showed the New Lanteans being heavy-handed with the native humans. In “Identity,” John had used the city as a threat: “You know about Atlantis, right? Then you know you’re better off being our friend than our enemy, so why don’t you be our friend and show us where that terminal is?” Yes, John was under pressure to save Jennifer, but, in a season 6, this threat probably would have have led to more problems with the existing governments in Pegasus, such as they faced in “Inquisition.” The Genii and other Pegasus natives want to rule themselves.

Some of the problems the Lanteans face is just from living in Atlantis, that symbol of the Ancients and all its baggage. Being human in an over 10,000 year old family feud doesn’t help either and amplifies their association with the Ancients. Weir said the Asurans “look at the Ancients like parents who betrayed them, and now they see humans as the favoured siblings who receive all the parents’ love.” That’s not the New Lanteans’ fault, but that makes it harder on them, as other races in the galaxy might have the same feelings as the Asurans.

Living in Atlantis is political and it would do the New Lanteans some good to better reflect on that when interacting with all of the galaxy’s inhabitants.


Female Stargate Fans, Don’t Be Sorry, Be Clear

Women have been historically taught to apologize when they have done nothing wrong and are trying to be assertive. Ladies, don’t do it. Speak the truth and don’t ever be sorry for it.


Do not apologize when you speak out about xenophobia, geoblocking, and any other injustice, on Stargate forums or anywhere else.

*One should not apologize to xenophobes, who are the ones with the problems and who are messing up the world. They do not censor their negativity. Why should you censor yourself? Let them put you on ignore if they hate Wraith or anyone else so much. Do not accommodate bigotry. Disrupt it.

*One should not stay small and let other speak for them or erase them.

*One should not apologize for being a customer/consumer. Companies exist to market to us– not the other way around. If we stay hidden, silent, or downplay our wants, how will merchandise makers, and even 3D printing content creators, know we exist to market to us? Otherwise, we end up with crap for tie-in merchandise such as we largely have now.

Don’t be sorry, be confident, clear, and proud.

Carson is a Better and More Compassionate Doctor than Jennifer

Jennifer ran her mouth a lot about compassion, talking over Todd, as if she were some expert on treating others compassionately. But, who is the better doctor? Jennifer or Carson? Is Jennifer really compassionate?

Upon seeing downed Wraith:
*Carson offers medical assistance to Hector, a stranger in a downed dart.
*Jennifer acts as though she doesn’t even see Bullseye, someone she had just invited and worked with in a peaceful delegation.

Upon the brink of preventable losses:
*Carson speaks up for the retrovirused Wraith, pleading on their behalf about the mess the Lanteans caused them.
*Jennifer says nothing when Todd is pleading on behalf of his crew’s infection, which the Lanteans, especially Jennifer, partly caused them. She only seems mad that Todd can’t help her to work on the ship at the moment.

Talk is cheap. Jennifer just talks. When the time comes for action, Carson acts. No wonder why he was better liked of the two.

Alienizing Wraith is Still Humanizing Wraith

Wraith fans sometimes try to set their OC Wraith apart by adding to their OC world-building. But, the majority of the so-called “alien” additions are actually customs that global cultures have had for thousands of years (or used to have, before being steamrolled over by Western colonialism and cis-hetero-masculine-dominant religions).

Inclusiveness for non-binary people, community bathing, not sleeping on Western-style beds, community child-raising, non-nuclear families, and community sleeping, for example, are all parts of Earth human cultures.

Even in Legacyverse, the games, fashion, and names are found in a mashup of the ways of other cultures, both past and present. The words “zenana,” “blade,” and “Consort,” for instance, were taken from court life, Eastern and Western, but with the Wraith Queen being the court leader, rather than a human king. What was once old is now new again.

Similarly, on-screen details about Wraith, such as matriarchy, tribal style tattoo art, males having long hair and wearing nail lacquer too, chanting, and martial arts have existed globally on Earth for thousands of years.

Recognizing these traditions, here or on other planets is great. But, to label any non-Western traditions as “alien” is to erase global Earth cultures and to mythologize the white Western way as the only human way.

Also, humans can and should have what Wraith do too: environmentally-friendly, lab-grown items and respect for the environment. Some of that exists to us now, from emerging cruelty-free, lab-grown and cultured materials, such as from pineapple leaves, coconut water, kombucha, and mushrooms.

Within SGA, the White-cis-hetero-masculine-ableist-colonialist way is what is represented to the Pegasus galaxy’s citizens, though the military’s presence. At least the Goa’uld in SG1 had a better picture of humanity as a whole, by their posing as various global and multicultural deities and figures.

When it all boils down, there is no way around that we are all more similar than different.

(((Note: Mistaking global traditions, past or present, for alien is seen more so from comments on Wraith fanfics than in the fanfics themselves. Often, the authors are very well-versed in history and know exactly what they are using as building blocks, even disclosing them and expounding on them when readers do ask.)))

White Racist Bias in Stargate Transcripts

I’ve previously written about the non-canon and xenophobic misgendering of Wraith. Looking more deeply into this, one sees the spectacle of White racist bias in the transcript writers by their very deliberate misgendering of male characters: male characters who are not in white bodies are misgendered, objectified, and de-animated by use of the word “it.”

*Among fully or partially machine-based life forms, white-skinned Asuran Oberoth is a “he” while the grey-skinned Daedalus Variations aliens are “it.”

*Among the Alliance of the Four Great Races, white-skinned Janus is a “he” and white-skinned Nox are “he” while the pinkish-greyish-skinned  Asgard are “it.” (Furlings were never shown in their real forms.)

*Among the Wraith themselves, Michael was forced to have his skin changed to white without his permission and because of this, he gets to be a “he” while all other Wraith with green skin, such as Todd, are continually misgendered “it,” no matter how much good Todd does for the majority-white New Lanteans.

*Somehow, inanimate ships are given more consideration than non-white characters. The Daedalus is a “she”!!!? What the actual frell?!

This is blatant racist bias and this is wrong. Calling anyone an “it” is never OK either. No one would call Gamora, Ninja Turtles, or The Hulk “it” because other fandoms would not tolerate this crap. Stargate gets away with it because it is a tiny fandom and not taken seriously, for such crap as this.

It is people such as these transcript writers who make me love the Wraith, but feel ashamed of Stargate.

The Lone Good Wraith Trope Part 2: Todd is not to be Tokenized

tokenism.  noun. “the practice of making only a perfunctory or symbolic effort to do a particular thing, especially by recruiting a small number of people from underrepresented groups in order to give the appearance of sexual or racial equality within a workforce

This includes fictional races too. Adding Todd (or a Wraith OC) as a token to a story line while killing off and demeaning all the others of his race is still racism. It writes out Todd’s friends, family, and crew, such as Kenny and Bullseye (and any Queen/s who may be providing him with masked warriors).

Having token characters is also poor world-building. Some sage advice from a Carson fan, found on a scifi forum thread about developing characters: “If you blow up your main character and the thought of them being dead or injured does not make you cringe or even cry, I would recommend you try to rewrite them from the start.” Well, the same point applies to fictional races. If 99%-100% of a race are just cannon fodder, then something got messed up. Go back, reexamine, see good and bad in all races, and rewrite.

Even Ronon Refers to Wraith as People and Uses Proper Pronouns

In “Enemy at the Gate,” Ronon says about Todd, “He got betrayed by one of his own people. Now he wants us to help him clean up the mess. End of story.”

If Ronon can use the same words Wraith use for themselves (my people, your people, our lineage, he/him, etc.), then anyone can.

Frell xenophobia, outgrouping, and othering.