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OK, who all watched The Orville episode “Primal Urges” and thought…

it would have been much more exciting if all of the Moclans in the tropical paradise setting on the holodeck had been Wraith? 😉 😀 #worshipperthoughts #imagination


Ultra Rare Wraith x Human Pairing Plot Bunnies

Rare Wraith x human pairings there should be more of and why:

Shiana. She is a woman with leadership skills and political power. She lost her family, but Wraith have power over death and can give the Gift of Life. She speaks up for Pegasus natives and Wraith are also Pegasus citizens she can get to know more… up close and personal.

Larrin. She is a woman with power and space flight adept. The Travelers know their stuff when it comes to astronavigation and engineering repairs. She enjoys tying others up. She admitted the Gift of Life part of Wraith giving and taking, “felt kinda good.”

Katana. If Larrin is too much, irradiating her crew and all, another Traveler such as Katana might be a more relatable.

Ronon. He has Wraithy looks and fortitude. He could school a lot of Wraith in steamy sparring sessions. Life is too short to waste it hating, especially hating on hot Wraith.

Kyryk. If Ronon’s prejudice is too much of a writer’s block, Kyryk has a lot of the same skills and needs to have the rest of his story told with a happily-ever-after.

AU Teyla. She has Wraith DNA and can get to know her Wraith heritage in an oh-so loving way.  An AU timeline with her being single would not break up her current family with Kanaan and Torren.

Chaya Sar. This poor woman needs to be rescued from Ascended prison and get to know the Wraith hands-on.

The only shreds of mentions of these characters with Wraith in fanworks I have seen so far are a fanfic mentioning Larrin capturing Vincent and forcing him to give her the Gift of Life, a discontinued fanfic of Ronon getting to know a male Wraith, and digital painting of Ronon playing D&S games with a sub Queen.

Seating Onboard Wraith Ships

“Am I to sit quietly in my quarters?” –Michael, “No Man’s Land” to two masked warriors

As with Wraith art, non-Wraith fans commonly overlook Wraith furniture and infer all kinds of incorrect conclusions about the Wraith, based on error of omission.

Reasons for this oversight may be that 1) the furniture is unobtrusive and sometimes built-in, making for good engineering for spaceships, if tilting or sudden braking occurs during flight, and 2) SGA episodes occurred during war-time and we didn’t get to see much leisure time for the Wraith—the Wraith were mostly defending themselves.

Still, Queens, Todd, Michael, Steve, Tommy, and Shawn were shown sitting in a variety of locations, throughout all 5 seasons, including inside hiveships—too many times to list here. Sally and Todd gave seating to both human prisoners and guests, respectively, in “Rising” and “The Queen.” Sally’s chairs appear to be made from the same type of Ancient material as puddle jumpers and Todd’s set were wooden ones, perhaps made by worshippers. As for Wraith-made materials, there were the thrones, and, when pregnant, Teyla sat on Wraith benches in “Spoils of War” and “Search and Rescue,” leaning against one of them to give birth to Torren. More benches were scattered, built into hallway alcoves. There is no excuse to claim that Wraith do not have chairs or seating!

Some non-Wraith fans additionally cite freestanding control consoles as evidence of Wraith not sitting, but most scifi ships are the same way, in many franchises. Within SGA, Helia brought up a freestanding console in the city of Atlantis in “The Return”; yet, Atlantis also has built-in benches under windows. Again, this is just good engineering for moving ships and the Wraith have the Ancients beat at that, too, with the softer, curved angles (which is ironic because the Wraith have healing abilities if they should bump into sharp corners).

Teyla seated on two different styles of Wraith benches:

John looks out a window at flashing lights from explosions in a hallway near where Ronon and Rodney were kept as prisoners. There is an alcove with a built-in ledge bench, similar to the one in Michael’s quarters, but maybe smaller. A guard should have probably been stationed there (just saying). There were other benches like these throughout the halls.

What is Left of the Wraith Fandom dA

Surveying what is left of dA. Answer? Not much.

Wix bought dA nearly 2 years ago and it still hasn’t recovered and probably never will.

There is still some good art, but what few Wraith-related posts trickle in are mostly just there as afterthoughts from some folks in a German language RPG who just happen to share their stuff on dA, but dA is not a priority (and should not be given its current state). I’m not into RPGs, but would wager the players have a private forum with lots more art on it. Peoples’ Tumblr accounts have more art on them than their dA counterparts. The same with a still-active comic book artist: her updates are posted on just about every other site first and dA is always at least a page behind. dA long ago ceased to be an artist hub and is now but a mere afterthought.

Posting in a language other than English does insulate from the trouble-makers on the site, mostly from the US, who mostly tend to only speak English, as the country has a lot of alt righters. Having an ocean between such trolls and Europe could also provide a modicum of reassurance. This probably accounts for why the German RPG players still post there and are left in relative peace, save for one photo-realistic artist who posted about politics, got trolled by scum, and left there a few days before I did.

There has also been a sharp increase in watermarks, including the kind which prevent enjoyment of the art, because of art theft.

Common Sense Business Lesson 101: Never combine the words “deviant” and “core” in your marketing.

Common Sense Business Lesson 102: Never lay off 50% of your staff after you have attracted sexual predators and alt-right trouble-makers from disregarding Lesson 101. Moderators are needed then more than ever.

LGBT-Phobic Art Thief Screencap, LGBT Vampires

Content warning in screencaps: LGBTQ+ phobia, racism, Islamophobia, white separatism

I am “out of control” according to her, as Wraith are space vampires, and she also posts against multiculturalism, but she sure does like to steal my art to post it to her Facebook page. How about that? 😛

LGBTQ+ rights are not a “left” or political thing, but are basic human rights, and LGBTQ+ people want representation in fiction just as other demographics.

My Wraith and many worshippers are basically pansexual with obvious male x male pairings so far and I have ethnically diverse characters who are transgender, demigender, genderfluid, gender ambiguous, and/or questioning. I also have art with female x female and male x male unofficial ships from the tie-ins. That is representation, freedom, and liberty and will not be erased. I will simply underscore it yet again in this post. 🙂

These people must not have seen any of the John x Todd fanfics other fans write that dominate AO3 either. 😛 No Wraith fan could, or should, miss them. ^_^

She does not steal the art of same sex ships or art with darker-skinned worshippers. But, does she also not see that the Wraith have green skin and that Wraith x human relationships, of all pairing types, are both interracial and multicultural? Moreover, the RPG she took over was founded by an LGBTQ+ ally and another person who has Mexican heritage.

Yes, LGBT vampires do exist in traditional vampire media too. “Interview with the Vampire” and “Queen of the Damned,” anyone? You know, the movie in which the character Queen Akasha is named after?  🙂

Speaking of vampires of diverse pairings, this book was pretty good. It features a variety of pairings and the vampires are the protagonists, as everyday people who happen to have been turned, and mostly relatable. One of the couples is male vampire x male human vampire hunter. Love wins and love is love. ❤

Alt-Right Facebook Art Thief in the Wraith Fandom

There is an alt-right woman on Facebook using my art without my permission, including 1) uploading art and crediting it to broken links and 2) using art in photomanips of her own without any credit.

This person does not have my permission to use my art, in any capacity, and has been asked several times to remove it over the years, but she re-uploads a few weeks or months later.

She is also using artwork of other Stargate Wraith artists as re-captioned photomanips and banners and it is questionable if she had their permission either, as one of the artists has a multicultural family.

I am warning everyone about this bigoted art thief.

As I said, she has been asked to take it down more than once and she throws a temper tantrum when asking her to remove it and yells for support from alt-right conspiracy theory kook groups. People such as her are why watermarks exist and why art is not shared in full HD or 4K sizes. Shame!

PS: Typical alt-right for them to steal while putting others down. 95% of the “people” liking and even commenting on her posts are her own fake and RPG accounts– also very typical of the alt right because they have no lives of their own. And: Newsflash: Gordon is not white and all Wraith x worshipper relationships are interracial relationships.

Content warning in screencaps: LGBTQ+ phobia, racism, Islamophobia, white separatism

Searches for Wraithy Bass Chant Music

In the search for music which reminds me of Wraith, I’ve been for years searching for chants such as what the humanized Wraith were singing in the group around the fire to hone their focus in “Misbegotten.” Gregorian chant favors tenor voices, but something more bassy is needed. Crossover music into metal and ambient noise with bassy chant vocals would be awesome, but I have not found any yet. For traditional styles, this playlist of mostly Tibetan monk chants favors more bass vocals. Passing it along. Requires a free account.


One of the songs in the playlist is on YouTube, but I think mislabeled. And, I still wonder what such chants with multilayered voices would sound like. 🙂