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The Time for Progressive Fan Works is NOW Part 2

With all of the worries about what is true news, big social media sites have been focusing on favoring posts which are authentic and personal. Bad news for organizations, but good news individuals.

2018 has brought similar changes in search engines, which may be related: fanfictions have been given a high priority in organic results recently, which came as a pleasant surprise! Up until now, for so many years, top results for our green friends were mostly wiki articles written by people who are not Wraith fans. There still are a lot, but they have been curbed a bit.

People are seeking stories about SGA Wraith romance, too, and progressive works get noticed by the search engines, with a lesser focus on the “swallowed the Wraith and human can’t be together Koolaid” crowd. I am thankful for this change and for Google to be doing the right thing so many times.^_^

This especially comes at a good time because Stargate Origins has brought more traffic as well. Fortuitous synergy! 🙂


Facility from Reunion and The Last Man

Given that these look to be the same facility, maybe Michael had taken it over in the alternate season 5 timeline which unfolded in The Last Man.

Either way– what a breath-taking setting! My heart longs for such a place! #worshipperdreams #keepitcleankeepitgreen #protectpreserverespect

Season 5 Todd and AU Season 5 Todd Eye Ridge Variance

“The Last Man” presented a timeline of an AU season 5. So, how did our season 5 Todd end up with an altered eye ridge? Mysteries of the universe. :p 😀

Boris is the only other Wraith with a similar furrow at the center and no explanation was given. Is this Wraith body modding, such as ear piercings and earplugs, or did something happen in battle or experiment that never healed over as the skin was originally? Shouldn’t someone have noticed the change and asked Todd?

Many fans like the change, saying the furrow makes Todd look at once both more rugged/formidable and pensive/intelligent. I am ambivalent, but why the change? Inquiring worshippers want to know.

Todd’s Openness About Giving the Gift of Life to John and Other Humans

In Common Ground, isn’t it fabulous how Todd is quick to express, to a group of total strangers, how appreciative he was of John giving him back his life and also how the Gift of Life is given to their closest worshippers and their brothers? He seemed quite proud to do so, with no hint of reservation or pause. He seemed to have wanted everyone who witnessed John’s rejuvenation to know all about it.

Some hives are likely not so progressive: Michael saying most Wraith do not get to get to know humans very well speaks for those hives which Michael knew.

Todd’s hives seem to have always had a different, more forward-thinking way of living, going back longer than before Todd met John.

Types of Wraith Worshippers

The single word of “worshipper” is so broad of a title.

It could mean:
This person was converted by hand and is just here for the enzyme.
This person is a merchant and is just looking for a quick trading opportunity.
I trust this person as I would a brother and would give them the Gift of Life.

One word, but a world of difference in meaning!!!

With Wraith telepathic ability, I wonder if there are some sort of mental inflections or different words for Wraith worshippers, how devout they are or not, that they use when communicating about worshippers.

Wraith Using Words John Supposedly Makes Up?

In The Hive, John seems to use and make up the names “dart” and “Wraith worshipper” on the spot, acting as if the Wraith would be new to these terms.
“You mean the dart? We call them darts because they’re so pointy.”
“A Wraith-worshipper, huh? Wow.”

But, in later seasons, the Wraith use these terms freely.
Todd, who has been isolated in a Genii cell with no way to hear of these words, says, “The Gift of Life is reserved only for our most devout worshippers … and our brothers.”
In Outsiders, the Commander says, “Launch the darts.”

Is John just that skilled at coming up with names that he thinks of the same ones the Wraith themselves do? Or so skilled they toss the 10,000 year old words they were using to replace them with his? Or is this a blooper?

(The John x Todd shippers might have fun with this. 😀 )
(I first found mention of a dart in Childhood’s End and again in Underground when the Genii use the word unprompted. The word kind of just appeared?)