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Protecting the Stargate Lore

Kudos to another gater for the expression “protect the lore of the series” in supporting response to one of my posts about respecting the Stargate races.

I am unable to thank that person directly or reply to that post, but I will be using that expression going forward. I might be shadow-banned on that site now– no loss given how unregistered trolls can drop in– and have these three things to say in regards to responses on the Unas article:

1) The episode title “Beast of Burden” to me was *how* Chaka was being treated by slave-holding humans and not *who* Chaka is or *who* the Unas are. The Unas are a race and Canadian sensibility where Stargate: Atlantis originated has always been anti-slavery long before the USA abolished the dreadful institution. The monsters of this episode were criminal humans.

2 )The wish is to see Stargate being given the respect other scifi franchises enjoy. Members on GW jump to defend Chewbacca and the same and more is warranted on a Stargate site for Stargate lore. Stargate must have back the respect it had on the old MGM Stargate site of 10 years.

3) As to the guest account remark about so-called “pronoun garbage,” canon-compliant and respectful pronouns are important as well, but the words “race” and “beast” are nouns, not pronouns. Leave it to an empty sockpuppet guest account (i.e., a troll) to have such a poor grasp and disregard of grammar.


Banned for defending Stargate?

After politely requesting that the Unas race be referred to as a race and not beasts on an article on GateWorld and commenting the same on a link to it someone made at the SGC site, I am unable to log into the SGC site and get a blank screen with grey where the posts should be and no access to my inbox. I can still see the site posts if my IP address is not shared in my browser. I received no email to let me know why.

The text: Standard scifi language for races is “races,” not beasts or monsters. As this is a Stargate site, respect the Stargate franchise and accordingly change the title of this article to “Stargate Races: A Viewer’s Guide To The Unas”

I posted it to GW as well. The article in question was corrected to state race, but somehow unregistered, non-members with filthy mouths full of Tide Pods and nary a dictionary or grammar book in site were allowed to post with empty and cowardly sockpuppet guest accounts and foul language. I thought GW was for registered members who had passed a probie period to prove interest in Stargate. So, heads-up: that is either not the case for the whole site or maybe something has changed.

If I was banned from the SGC site for asking for respect for Stargate races, the same respect  other scifi franchises have, then I consider it a high honor as a long-time, true fan. If only more fans would do the same, as they do for Star Wars on GW but not their own alleged fandom. No regrets. I would and probably will have to do it again too.

The GateWorld I joined and the now defunct MGM Stargate site are long gone. The reason I am still here is because the fandom used to be better and it can be again. I keep hoping a more modern studio will buy the Stargate franchise, as the franchise has so many possibilities and scifi is still going strong. Stargate deserves better.

Update: I see posts another person said she got blocked for a week and another for 1.5 months. I remember the anti-geoblocking consumer advocate being blocked and thought that was out of line and petty of whoever did the blocking and also can’t imagine why the newer member was blocked for even longer. None of our accounts are “all access.”

Update 2: There is a more positive Wraith article in the feed just now and I have no access because of defending Unas. How about that? But, I am not here to look the other way for any Stargate races being stereotyped. It’s called INTEGRITY. I am correct and changes get made, but I get punished for their mistakes.

Embarrassing Lack of Diversity of Stargate Content Authors

Not to be outdone by the SGC site posting articles mislabeling Stargate races as “it” and “creature,” GW has posted an editorialized encyclopedic-type article mislabeling the Unas race as “beasts” and “monsters.” The article title: “Stargate Beasts: A Viewer’s Guide To The Unas.”

No scifi race should be referred to these ways, let alone characters voiced by people of color.

Apparently, this also counts as a “news” story. How doubly embarrassing for Stargate that posting random articles attacking the franchise races is “news” now.

Again, this is why Marvel and Star Trek and their diversity come out ahead and Stargate is more and more behind. Stargate is busy shooting itself in the feet while the others pump out new and socially-relevant content.

PS: Look up for yourself who these writers are and the photos of the staff at the cons. There is no diversity and it shows by the types of gaffes mentioned above with the WW2 era poster type language used.

PPS: I would bet there are probably at least 5 canon mistakes in this article. Whenever this type of ignorant language appears in the Wraith-related ones, there always are lots. I’ve only seen SG1 one time, so the Unas experts could issue corrections on the in-episode stuff.

Update 5/21/2019: I asked the site owner to change the header from “beast” to “race” and it was changed. However, somehow 2 alt-right nonmember “guests” (probably both the same person) with typical poor grammar responded impolitely to my defense of Stargate. I thought the site was for registered members with a probie period for each account???

Review of Captain Marvel and Character Perseverance

(contains mild spoilers)

There were comments on one of Joe’s blogs some have not seen this movie yet. Some questionable interviews with the main actress and also people being spoiled on Marvel movies with several superheroes in them, wanting to skip straight to Avengers: Endgame, may be factors. Those factors should not let people keep them from watching a good movie.

This movie is highly recommend for the type of people who try not to judge books by their covers.

Marvel has a track record of having characters of various other-than-human skin colors as integrated, not exoticized, and not defining them in racist ways. Different family members often fall on opposing sides of conflicts and this adds intrigue and a more realistic and complex setting. This movie was no exception and had me wondering who to trust from all factions until the truth was figured out.

Marvel also has a track record for dealing well with how humans would fit into a world where there are more powerful beings or beings with different abilities. They do so in a realistic way that both acknowledges weaknesses and highlights strengths– while putting the strength focus on the main characters, as individuals making character choices, rather than pandering to the general audience. It is the hero who keeps getting up and trying again and again. Heroic traits can be strived for by audience members, but they are not inherent in everyone and they have to keep being made on a continual basis.

This movie gave me MORE of an appreciation for John x Todd fanfics. John, being human, is of weaker physical strength than Todd and has thousands of years less life experience. But, it is John’s strength of character, his perseverance, leadership, negotiation skills, and wit that earns him admiration from in-story characters, such as his team and Todd, and also the story audience. Not every human or Wraith has these qualities. This is something many free fanfic writers understand and many licensed Fandy fanfiction writers don’t understand.

Give this movie a watch. One superhero or ten, they all have the enjoyable awesomeness of the Marvel universe in them.

Why Are Wraith Necks So Vulnerable?

Akasha, Jean-Luc, and Elric all die of neck wounds, by being stabbed there or having their necks broken.

WHY can’t these injuries regenerate?

They seem like simpler wounds than taking multiple bullets to the chest or back, multiple fractures from jumping off tall buildings, and crushing oceanic pressure.

Why are neck wounds so deadly to Wraith?


Density of Masked Warriors’ Masks

In “Broken Ties,” a knife is thrown at a masked warrior’s face. The knife seems to effortlessly go through the mask to lodge into the warrior’s skull. I had thought of those masks as offering more protection, maybe being more like rock, and that a knife would glance off of the material, but I guess not. Then again, the knife also went though the warrior’s skull, so the masks may be skull-like in density. Also notable is the material did not seem to shatter, either from piercing by knife in “Broken Ties” or bullets in “Rising,” so they must not be brittle. More to wonder about with the mysterious masked warriors.

The Theme of Self-Sacrifice in Stargate Atlantis

“I’d do anything … for any one of you. If I had to give up my life the way Ronon was going to, I would.” — John in “Sateda”

The characters in SGA, more than other scifi shows, seem to be quick to sacrifice themselves when they know they are the only ones in position to help or when they know others are more qualified to continue living than they are.

This applies to the humans as well as the Wraith, in just about every episode. Some episodes show this from both, in multiple counts, past and present. In “Broken Ties,” Rhys (fan-given name) stayed in the facility on behalf of protecting his hive’s knowledge and Tyre stayed with Rhys to let the New Lanteans escape.

Sacrifice is not only being willing to cut life short, but also commit to a living lifetime. Rodney in “The Last Man” gave up his living life, decades in an unchallenging job for him, in near poverty and near solitude, to change the solar-flare altered timeline.

Contrast this to Star Trek TOS episode “The Galileo Seven” in which Spock tries to get a discussion going in a lifeboat situation about having to leave some people behind and everyone takes offense and refuses to cooperate, resulting in random people dying by attrition and The Orville episode “Primal Urges” in which the Nyxians planet’s was blowing up with only enough time and room to transport half the remaining population. They took time to conduct a lottery. Someone proposed a selection process and his crewmates were disgusted at him. In both shows, I don’t recall anyone volunteering.

Maybe it is because the situation in Pegasus is wartime, whereas other franchises are more focused on exploring. Even though the Lantean expedition was supposed to be civilian-led, it quickly became military-heavy. SGA feels different that way and a lot of fanfic writers pick up on this theme of willingness of self-sacrifice.