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Even Ronon Refers to Wraith as People and Uses Proper Pronouns

In “Enemy at the Gate,” Ronon says about Todd, “He got betrayed by one of his own people. Now he wants us to help him clean up the mess. End of story.”

If Ronon can use the same words Wraith use for themselves (my people, your people, our lineage, he/him, etc.), then anyone can.

Frell xenophobia, outgrouping, and othering.


Paint For My Fellow Vegan Wraith Fans

Sherwin Williams has us covered. 🙂 Any old green will not do. No. Such a nice minty, Wraithy green. It could maybe be a little brighter, but I will take it. 😀

Now, I also want a Season 5 Wraith Finger Armor Blue, a Hiveship Biolight Blue, a Wraith Eyes Green Gold, a Wraith Coat Black, a Wraith Hair White, etc. XD

Woolsey’s Quote About “Clean” Hands

In “Infection,” Woolsey says to Sheppard, about Todd not having a handmouth, “You said his feeding hand was clean, which means the treatment worked – at least for a while.”

Woosley, Woolsey, Woolsey! Let us set something straight: Todd’s hand was always clean, with or without the handmouth.

We are all divine beings made of stardust.

There is nothing dirty about Wraith hands or any other part of Wraith bodies.

~This has been a public service announcement.~

Helia vs the Rising Hologram on Ancient and Wraith History

In the “Return, part 1,” there is a scene wherein Helia and Woolsey are in the middle of talking. Helia is wrapping up how the Wraith-Ancient war ended. We don’t hear the beginning of the conversation, but Woolsey says to her, “And by your own admission, you are responsible for the emergence of the Wraith as a species.”

I would say race, rather than species, because Wraith are human hybrids, but, at any rate, I want to know what she told Woolsey to make him say that! The hologram’s speech from “Rising” was vague, but Woolsey’s reaction to Helia makes it seem more involved than simply a few Ancients fumblingly setting foot on a random world where Wraith slept.

If only the first half of that convo had been included in the episode!!!

There. Fixed it.

😀 😀 😀

What I see as a Wraith worshipper. That green hand was just begging to be made over. LOL!

But, seriously though, buy these chips. The Ranch and the Peach Habanero flavor are vegan/cruelty-free and available at health food stores and at VeganEssentials online store.

Using [sic] to Denote Misgendering in Quotations

Misgendering Wraith with the pronoun “it” is not canon and violates the source hierarchy. Plus, it is just plain outdated and rude.

Source 1 On-screen dialogue:
Both Wraith and the New Lanteans refer to the males with he/him and the Queens as she/her. This includes the masked warriors. Not even Ronon misgenders.
WRAITH: Put him with the others. (referring to masked warrior)
WRAITH: Wake her. (referring to the Queen)
WRAITH: He is in a holding cell. He completed the recalibration that was required. (referring to Todd)
McKAY: Hey, where’s Todd? SHEPPARD: He escaped. (referring to Todd)

Source 2 On-screen visual cues:
The masked warriors have certain types of armor pieces and the Queens have curvy features.

Source 3 On-screen episode credits:
The Lost Tribe’s cast credits state “Male Wraith”

Additionally, misgendering makes Stargate look out-of-touch. One does not see Ninja Turtle Leonardo nor Transformers Megatron being mislabelled “it.”

Whenever I quote someone misgendering/violating canon and the way Wraith define themselves, I use [sic] to denote the error. Example: “Ronon promptly runs towards it [sic] and aims his blaster at its [sic] head.”

Using [sic] calls out the error and disavows support for misgendering, othering, and objectification in racism, speciesism, etc.