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The Time for Progressive Fan Works is NOW Part 2

With all of the worries about what is true news, big social media sites have been focusing on favoring posts which are authentic and personal. Bad news for organizations, but good news individuals.

2018 has brought similar changes in search engines, which may be related: fanfictions have been given a high priority in organic results recently, which came as a pleasant surprise! Up until now, for so many years, top results for our green friends were mostly wiki articles written by people who are not Wraith fans. There still are a lot, but they have been curbed a bit.

People are seeking stories about SGA Wraith romance, too, and progressive works get noticed by the search engines, with a lesser focus on the “swallowed the Wraith and human can’t be together Koolaid” crowd. I am thankful for this change and for Google to be doing the right thing so many times.^_^

This especially comes at a good time because Stargate Origins has brought more traffic as well. Fortuitous synergy! 🙂


Todd’s Openness About Giving the Gift of Life to John and Other Humans

In Common Ground, isn’t it fabulous how Todd is quick to express, to a group of total strangers, how appreciative he was of John giving him back his life and also how the Gift of Life is given to their closest worshippers and their brothers? He seemed quite proud to do so, with no hint of reservation or pause. He seemed to have wanted everyone who witnessed John’s rejuvenation to know all about it.

Some hives are likely not so progressive: Michael saying most Wraith do not get to get to know humans very well speaks for those hives which Michael knew.

Todd’s hives seem to have always had a different, more forward-thinking way of living, going back longer than before Todd met John.

Wraith Using Words John Supposedly Makes Up?

In The Hive, John seems to use and make up the names “dart” and “Wraith worshipper” on the spot, acting as if the Wraith would be new to these terms.
“You mean the dart? We call them darts because they’re so pointy.”
“A Wraith-worshipper, huh? Wow.”

But, in later seasons, the Wraith use these terms freely.
Todd, who has been isolated in a Genii cell with no way to hear of these words, says, “The Gift of Life is reserved only for our most devout worshippers … and our brothers.”
In Outsiders, the Commander says, “Launch the darts.”

Is John just that skilled at coming up with names that he thinks of the same ones the Wraith themselves do? Or so skilled they toss the 10,000 year old words they were using to replace them with his? Or is this a blooper?

(The John x Todd shippers might have fun with this. 😀 )
(I first found mention of a dart in Childhood’s End and again in Underground when the Genii use the word unprompted. The word kind of just appeared?)

Reboot Stargate with Egyptian Artifacts Belonging to Egypt

Fans reacting the Stargate Origins trailers are asking why there will be Nazis. I am here wondering why any people who are not of Egyptian heritage freely take Egyptian artifacts out of Egypt. I don’t see people from all over the world converging on Roman or Viking burial grounds and taking artifacts like there is no tomorrow. Africa is not the world’s cookie jar!

Also, why, in the original movie, is it that males of European descent save the day, all the other troops with darker skin tones are just red shirts, and Daniel is given the lightest-skinned woman in the city as a gift trophy wife? The times have changed, thank goodness! But, settings such as this leaves much wanting for an audience accustomed to higher standards, on and off screen.

What would a modern Stargate reboot look like with diversity and inclusivity from its inception? With the stargate being discovered in modern times, with Egypt having a say? With an Egyptian character on the gate team to explain Egyptian culture and artifacts, rather than a spokesperson from another continent? With a strong female presence, such as Carter, there from the beginning? With Asian global Stargate partners and their citizens on the gate teams, not so dominated by the US, UK, and Canada? With the Goa’uld free to choose to be Tok’ra and not have that be racially inborn? With stronger governments on the other planets, such as The High Council, to prevent neocolonialism?

Maybe then, with a fresh and cosmopolitan start, it would not be so overlooked that Wraith are also Pegasus citizens and that Wraith and Jaffa are not an “it.”

Review of Stargate Infinity

Stargate Infinity is a lesser-known, 26 episode cartoon series, set in the future, after the SGC program has been declassified. Made in 2002, the cartoon is more thought-provoking than other Stargate spinoffs, holds its own against current action-based team cartoons, and is overall enjoyable.


*Most importantly, there are a lot more different aliens. It is great seeing them interact with one another as well as with the humans. The live action shows don’t have as much of that interaction among cultures, and it is usually negative, and so this one seems friendlier. Aliens are now living among Earthlings, as humans have been living on their worlds, which is fair: If humans are going to go traipsing through others’ homeworlds, then others should be able to do the same with ours. Some of the aliens have settled, too, and there are diverse families. Team member Ec’co’s is half Tau’ri and half Hrathi.

*The human diversity within SGC is pretty good, with different ethnic looks and both males and females excelling in both combat and sciences. More of Dr. Mason and having her on the ‘gate team would have been nice, though, as well as Seattle’s Native American family not depicted as poor into the future and rich white males leading Mayan archeology digs.

*The clothes, hair, and gadgets they wear are futuristic, such as the winged jet pack, so no dating with fads. Kind of cyberpunk and I like the almost Wraith-like tattoos. The humans are allowed to have any hairstyles and looks they want as long as it does not interfere with their duties.

*At first, I was afraid the velociraptor-like Tlak’kahn were going to be annoying 2D villains, but liked that we got to meet some who were not warmongering and was then able to laugh more at the ones who were just jerks.

*The team has good comradery and humor and they overcome their challenges together, making the episodes upbeat.

*The episodes center around moral lessons and I liked the morality if SGI better than I disliked SGU’s deliberate immorality. Contrast Eli being snapped at for being against lying with SGI’s “The Mother of Invention” where a lie could have caused injury or death. Withholding info from the team can be detrimental. The lessons are also still relevant and a good reminder for adults to not get caught up in stuff like material goods either.


*Because the cartoon predates the establishment of the Ancients, this show’s creators kind of made their own Ancient race, but left a loophole with the Ancient not able to remember who she is.

*The absence of the Goa’uld is not explained, nor the presence of the Tlak’kahn.

*There are gate bloopers and/or different tech, such as the gate being opened before the dialing had been completed, standing in the way of the kawoosh, and two-way connectivity.


*In the first few episodes, there are scenes being repeated, after spaces which were for commercial breaks, but that got better.

*Some of the aliens have stilted speech, mainly the winged ones, while others do not, and there doesn’t seem to be a good reason for it if they are all aliens.

*The character Harrison still has a lot to learn about appearances and species. Maybe his character could have evolved better in a 2nd season.

*There are a few instances of speciesism, such as calling one alien without human language speaking ability and a dog as “it.” But, this was 2002, pre-social media and its education of intersectionalism, when this show was made. Also, while the team talks about generalized food, such as burgers, I did not see them eating fellow animals and they are put off by spider and polar bear aliens eating whole bodies and also the thought of bovine secretions. Harrison mentions having eaten stuff like this as a kid. Either the disconnect is profound, or, in their adult life, society has moved to plant-based versions of burgers, pizza, and ice cream.

Overall, I enjoyed the show and compare it to current cartoons, such as Voltron Legendary Defender, which also features lessons about looks being deceiving but has way more speciesism against fellow animals who can’t speak human languages. I probably won’t watch it again, as Wraith episodes are about the only stuff I re-watch, but recommend to Stargate fans to find and watch Infinity.

Where to find it? My tiny local library has 2 copies of the DVDs. So, check there. Many libraries will also do regional inter-library loans if the local branch doesn’t have something. Some libraries also offer downloadable and streamable episodes, free on services such as Hoopla if your library is affiliated with Hoopla and your library card is active.

Taking a Break from the Printed Books

I think I am done with all Fandy books now, including Legacy. Whatever Legacy even means nowadays, because I do not know. [some spoilers ahead]

A lot of Wraith fans are probably wondering what took me so long, because readership fell in 2015, near the end of book 8, after a scene with Ember saying Wraith are killed for having romantic relationships with humans. (!) Well, that alienates just about all Wraith worshippers in one swoop, doesn’t it? It was also said that Todd doesn’t keep “pets” and that Alabaster didn’t allow worshippers on her hive. I had ignored those bits. I fooled myself by what I wanted to see: I am pro-interracial relationships and I shipped Queen Ice and Gemmion Saer and made art of them together.

Now, there are books using Legacy terminology, such as blades and clevermen, talking smack about Wraith and Jaffa, including comparing Wraith in Atlantis to a termite infestation, which I guess are not “official” Legacy??? *headdesk* I don’t like the direction the most recent books are going in 2017 and 2018. Legacy used to be about respecting other beings, not calling them it, thing, or creature, making up non-canon insults, and so forth. One fan asked and was given lists of “official” Legacy stories. But, what is the use when the brand has been diluted to where depressing passages creep into “official” ones too, such as neocolonialism and making disparaging comments about alien life forms, such as that they won’t fit in bait and tackle boxes and thinking of fried body parts similar to those of the aliens? So much for the dazzling scene of Zelenka making contact with the invertebrate aquatic being with the flashing lights at the window (I had almost made fan art of that too.) If a writer can’t respect their own characters, then why should the readers? So, then, what is the difference between the “official” and “unofficial” ones? Lines have been crossed both ways, to make a something unappealing in all of them.

Also, there are hints at war with Wraith again, with Teyla wondering if the agreements will hold and one hive experimenting on feeding on human lifeforce donors until they die, to see what the limits are. That is cruel torture and not the spirit of Jennifer and Alabaster’s intent. Everything has changed. Part of me doesn’t want to read any more of the books, if only to keep what fond memories of Legacy I have and had. Some of the memories have already been ruined by some of the more recent “official” works, as well as a handful of “unofficial” ones. It’s no fun to see anyone being othered, verbally or physically, in real life, on screen, or in print. I should have walked away back when I first started to feel uneasy and regret it now. I need mental bleach. Whatever they do to the books, I can’t look any more.

I am alienated as a Wraith fan audience member, the magic is gone, and I am put off by the books for the moment and afraid to spend time and money on them again. Other than flipping through them for Wraith names while at a bookstore, I think I am “officially” done taking chances on paying for them.

#someONEnotsomething  #FrellSpeciesism #IShipWraithAndWorshippers #Iwanttheoldlegacyback #progressivefictionforallplease

When Racist and Anti-Wraith Comments Backfire

I keep saying that writing hateful comments only makes the writers look bad.

Here is a good example of such a comment coming back to bite the writer in the behind.

One of the books states that Wraith smell like “Chinese takeout decomposing in the fridge.”

In the statement’s sheer ignorance and absurdity, one can only wonder this:

Who doesn’t clean out their fridge?!

I rest my case.