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Wraith Finger Armor-Like Pieces Grown by Hiveships

In “Submersion,” the cruiser console’s flight control hand pieces look as if they contain parts similar to finger armor. Could these be also grown by the ships, as with the drone masks, computers, ZPM satchels and just about everything else?

The ships seem to make a variety of materials, from hard/chitinous objects, to pliable/leathery materials, to soft/silky threads.

I envy the idea of being able to grow everything, as needed and just-in-time manufacturing, with no storage overhead or sales forecasts, no wasteful fads, and in a cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly way. I hope we progress to having similar tech, such as Piñatex.



On Shipping Types and Denotations

It seems some gaters say that the word “ship” is only for het pairings, with LGBTQ+ pairings being called “slash.” If some gaters say this, it does not align with what most fandoms do, which is to have both het and slash subsets of ships. In Voltron, for example, Klance and Kallura are both ships (Keith x Lance and Keith x Allura, respectively).

Such a distinction does not align with what I write either. Het, slash, and non-binary character pairings are all ships. Love is love and it is all shipping.

Similarly, I refuse to use “+” for het or “/” for LGBTQ+ in pairing denotations. I use “x” or “X” for all pairings, as in Todd x John, Todd x Jennifer, and Todd x whoever. It just seems easier, and more equitable, to apply the same denotations to all pairings. No rules. Just love.

Dear People Misgendering Wraith as “It”

You have been asleep since about 1953. It’s 2018 now and there have been a number of social advancements.

Here in 2018, it is rude to misgender others, including those who might look a different from you.

Generations of people, many having long been adults, have grown up watching cartoons and live action shows depicting races of nonhuman and/or partly-human characters. Examples include:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Marvel Universe

Dark Angel

Star Wars


Babylon 5

Star Trek

These characters are politely referred to with the pronouns in which they use to identify themselves. This means that these characters, along with the Stargate races, should not be referred to as “it,” “thing,” and so forth, which are for inanimate objects and is, therefore, objectifying.

On Stargate, the Wraith refer to themselves with he/him and she/her pronoun sets. Not “it.”

There is no need other non-binary people and/or characters, by either making all of the aliens non-binary and none of the humans (exoticizing rather than inclusive and normalizing), or by impolite use of the word “it” (objectifying).

In the event a character is non-binary, preferred pronouns are often they/them or other sets of pronouns. Please see this link from Wikipedia on genderqueer identities for examples. Please also see this link from Oxford dictionaries to verify the grammar and history of the use of they/them in the singular.

Also, here in 2018, it is also rude to make up puerile rumors about scifi races in general, such as alleged body odors, nor call them names, such as “thing.” In the ways which matter the most, we are all alike, and we are someones, not somethings.

Welcome to 2018.


A modern scifi reader

Sensuality Vs Violence in Stargate Atlantis Tie Ins

War, torture, killing in cold blood, starvation, gruesome deaths, entire planets and civilizations blown up and no one bats and eye.

Two grown adults find comfort in each others’ presence and everyone loses their minds.

At least in the SGA tie-ins, the slightest hints of shipping seem to be curtailed. If something starts, it is quickly cut short. Meanwhile, the violence level in the books, especially directed at the Wraith, exceeds that of what was on the television series. Violence is overlooked, but a fit is thrown if two people kiss or hold hands.

John can be tormented, and even torment himself, but he can’t hug anyone? That’s harsh. Sucks to him in the tie-ins. And, everyone else.

I’ll take sensuality and romance over violence, in fiction and in real life, any day. Bring on the romantic fanworks!

Opportunities for Vegan Fan Activism, Science Fiction, and Fiction Activism

Fellow WP blogger speciesismandsciencefiction writes, “While I have read some incredible novels discussing gender, race and class, I have noticed that there is also space to analyze nonhuman animal ethics.”

Yes! Equality movements in the 1800s and early 1900s, such as women’s rights and anti-slavery abolitionism, made use of fiction and those works still endure as classics. LGBT+ literature has always written LGBT+ characters. Why, then, do so many vegans only write non-fiction (mainly recipe books and academic critical theory), overlooking opportunities in fiction? Vegans tend to be better at empathizing with others, which would make for valuable fiction writing skills, to put themselves in places of the characters. Empathy grows like a muscle, the more it is used. Yet, when I Google “vegan fan activism” “vegan science fiction” “vegan fanfiction” “vegan fantasy” and the like, nothing much comes up! What few sites there are cite the same small handful of books, with tenuous and scant examples, written a hundred years or so ago, along with a few fairy tale books aimed at small children. What about modern adult writers?! Where can we read, share, and connect for literature for and by compassionate people?

We need fan activism and fiction activism because there are vacuums needing to be filled and stories which need to be told. We still live in a world where too many editors care more about exclamatory punctuation marks than bigoted comments, objectifying pronouns, etc. It falls upon us to tell our stories! We should not let others speak for us, especially when we are the ones who have experience in compassionate living, while others misrepresent and erase both vegans and other fellow animals and perpetuate myths. I just read a book written recently in 2016 depicting human space travelers asking their plant-based alien hosts where they get their protein (!) and the humans give a teenager of that culture a candy bar made with cow’s milk, in spite of the adults rightfully saying that such treatment to fellow animals is barbaric. Seriously? the Mars mission will be plant-based. And, don’t even get me started about the errors and Oberoth-styled might-makes-right mentality of SGU’s 2011 episode “The Hunt.”

Fan activism often comes about because the media at large lags a few steps behind the times while it plays catch up. During that time, diversity is either lacking or underrepresented. Writers can create our own worlds with new, diverse OCs, explore gender and race bending and swapping, explore diverse pairings, hybridization, chimerization, differently-abled characters, etc. while big media leaves us wondering and wanting for more. Science fiction fans, especially, tend to be more curious and open-minded people.

As progressive creatives writing fiction, we give much needed facets of value:

*We offer an oasis for our like-minded audience. We offer self-care, for both readers and ourselves, to get lost in a story and to refresh. We support others looking for the same kind of inclusive literature.

*We share, relating to the hearts and minds of society as a whole, rather than speaking in an echo chamber.

*We help to model more hopeful and better worlds, where inclusion is the norm.

I am proud to be a vegan fanfiction writer and fan artist and encourage other vegans out there to start writing fanfiction and/or original works of fiction. The need is there. As I have written before, now is a great opportunity! Search engines have been very good to me and this little page– and the show I focus on is nearly 10 years off the air by now, with lesser-known characters who are insect and human hybrids. What opportunities can you uncover if you let your imagination soar?

The Time for Progressive Fan Works is NOW Part 2

With all of the worries about what is true news, big social media sites have been focusing on favoring posts which are authentic and personal. Bad news for organizations, but good news individuals.

2018 has brought similar changes in search engines, which may be related: fanfictions have been given a high priority in organic results recently, which came as a pleasant surprise! Up until now, for so many years, top results for our green friends were mostly wiki articles written by people who are not Wraith fans. There still are a lot, but they have been curbed a bit.

People are seeking stories about SGA Wraith romance, too, and progressive works get noticed by the search engines, with a lesser focus on the “swallowed the Wraith and human can’t be together Koolaid” crowd. I am thankful for this change and for Google to be doing the right thing so many times.^_^

This especially comes at a good time because Stargate Origins has brought more traffic as well. Fortuitous synergy! 🙂

Todd’s Openness About Giving the Gift of Life to John and Other Humans

In Common Ground, isn’t it fabulous how Todd is quick to express, to a group of total strangers, how appreciative he was of John giving him back his life and also how the Gift of Life is given to their closest worshippers and their brothers? He seemed quite proud to do so, with no hint of reservation or pause. He seemed to have wanted everyone who witnessed John’s rejuvenation to know all about it.

Some hives are likely not so progressive: Michael saying most Wraith do not get to get to know humans very well speaks for those hives which Michael knew.

Todd’s hives seem to have always had a different, more forward-thinking way of living, going back longer than before Todd met John.