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New Stargate Command Site and Origins Series

For crying out loud, why do they have to go backwards on everything!?

The old Stargate website was vastly superior to the new Stargate Command one. There were dozens of behind-the-scenes videos and hundreds or thousands of backstage photos. Todd even had his own page there. Why could they not have tacked on the streaming and new series to the site they previously had? Stargate has been off the air for so many years, it is the die-hard fans who care who are left, the types who already have the DVDs or Blurays, who won’t need streaming except for Origins, and who wanted all that extra fan stuff for art and fanfic references—not some cheap, watered down, unorganized, endlessly scrolling site!

As for Origins: meh. Besides no Wraith, the setting goes backwards, in both lack of ‘gate travel and social norms. What is Stargate without being able to explore new worlds? It is also hard to get excited about an era where women and people with darker skin tones are treated inequitably, with colonialism, cruelty to fellow animals, no indoor clean air acts, no marriage equality, etc. Ugh. SG1 fixed the mistakes of the original movie with Teal’c and Sam being an integral part of the team. Casting the actor who portrayed Michael isn’t going to help any of this. I might eventually watch Origins, if I can find a way to view it in a part of the world where streaming isn’t available, but will be in no hurry.

So, maybe Fandy going backwards by publishing books with anti-Wraith racism after Legacy only fits the backwards pattern.

One of the letdowns with Stargate vs other scifi franchises it is always decades behind, socially, while others are more forward-thinking, even ahead of the curve in some.

Rather than to go back in time, I would rather see a reboot and/or new series with social responsibility, environmental sustainability care, more Asian characters, from China and India especially, to match the modern global economy, and equitable treatment of both alien races who are part human and species who are not human. All the best special effects in the world won’t do any good if the social progress portrayed is not also up-to-speed.


Legacy Wiki Entries Are More Enlightened Than General Stargate Entries

In the entries I looked at, Legacy wiki writers have been treating Wraith characters with respect and using the proper pronouns for the Wraith that the Wraith use to identify themselves.

How refreshing! This is how the entire fandom– and real life– should be.

Changing the Narratives in Discussions about Wraith

Sometimes, when Wraith pics are posted on sites which allow comments, a few comments will show up disparaging Wraith. Less so nowadays, post-Legacy, but it still happens.

But! It has been observed that all it takes is for one person to interrupt the incorrect narrative and to truthfully say, quite simply, “Wraith are not evil though.”

The entire conversation shifts, with people admitting that the Wraith didn’t have a choice, Legacy was great, Wraith are good-looking, Todd rocks, etc.  I’ve seen it happen multiple times.

The same with other issues we know are incorrect, such as bullying, oppression, hate, and violence to those who are being othered. Bystanders feel freer to stand up for the right thing too. Always remember that your voice matters!

Hades Myth and White Female Savior Complex

A few years ago, there was a spate of posts equating Wraith males with Hades and human females with Persephone. To these posters, Wraith culture was was in dire need of cute, innocent, delicate, Western, Caucasian females to get drawn into the Wraith “underworld,” only to prevail and bring peace, love, light, and merriment to otherwise miserable Wraith hives. Often, this Persephone is Jennifer Keller saving Todd and his hive.

Just no. So glad this idea sputtered out! This is another form of the White savior complex, attempting to cram Wraith culture into a Westernized template and in need of “saving,” by a fair-haired, fair-skinned Earthborn Western human female. It is racist, sexist, speciesist, and ethnocentrist.

*Wraith culture, including hobbies, joys, art, colorful decor, fashion, and family life, are written out. Wraith had 10,000 years of peace and don’t need humans from another galaxy to help here.

*Wraith Queens are written out. From whom do the Wraith males get their masked warriors? Blank out. From whom were the Wraith males born? Blank out. Who helped to raise the Wraith males and to show them positive relationships and how to a treat females with respect? Blank out.

*Male human worshippers are written out. Worshippers with darker skin tones are written out. LGBT+ relationships are written out. Pegasus natives are written out. Queen Betty’s hive had a equal number of males and females shown onscreen as voluntary worshippers, of various ethnic looks.

*Wraith males are cast as sinful temptations for the White females and any good deeds the Wraith do for their hives and for intergalactic peace are written out. White human females are needed to show them morality, according to this myth. To have an interracial relationship with a male Wraith is to eat the pomegranate and be forever changed, but the White saviors will prevail, somehow, some way, to save the Wraith from themselves, for this myth. Excuse me while I hurl. I say it here again from my other blog post: Wraith are NOT evil!

*Humans are cast as angelic beings and human cruelty is written out, of the needless wars and oppressions, needless killing of fellow animals when there is no biological need to do so, crime, pollution, etc. Some works even portray the human females hypocritically doing these very things, even encouraging the Wraith to participate with them, while allegedly “saving” the Wraith.

I’m not sure which of these items is most ridiculous, as they all either write out or objectify everyone in the galaxy except for White Western females who are passed off as innocent and pure.

Todd x Jennifer is not offensive. But, Jennifer, or any other human, “saving” Todd, or any other Wraith, by overwriting Wraith culture, is downright offensive.

There is no need to apply human-centric myths to Wraith culture, neocolonialist-style, of Western origin or any other human origin, especially in attempts to write out Wraith culture and frame them as in need of “saving.”

The Value of Kenny’s Skeptic, Contrarian Role

From “The Queen”:

Kenny: This is absurd.

Kenny: Why would we want this? Of what benefit is it?

Kenny: Our current feeding process gives us strength, our ability to heal, our longevity.

Assuming this is not just a classic “good cop, bad cop” scenario, set up to make Todd appear more sympathetic to the Lanteans, Kenny is more than just a Yes-Man for Todd, who allows him to speak his healthy and honest skepticism. It is proven, valid skepticism, too!

Why is there no common word in the English language for the verb and also the noun for the job title or role of the person who tries to poke holes in ideas for the benefit of the strength of the organization? Could this be due to past feudal history of not challenging monarchs, military leaders, or religious authorities, exacerbated by the positive psychology movement in modern times, which often, incorrectly, assumes such people are negative “NoNos” to be fired or laid off? (See the overly-simplified book “Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions” by Holger Rathgeber and John Kotter, wherein the character NoNo  is opposed to new ideas for the sake of new ideas and not for healthy skepticism. No skeptic role was shown and NoNo was created for ridicule.)

The phrase “Devil’s Advocate” doesn’t cut it, because the phrase is negative to both the idea creator and the examiner. The closest thing I can find in Google is “skeptic” and “contrarian.” Neither seem perfect, due to they are connotations of personality traits and not as a deliberate and formal organizational process for excellence.

Barbara Ehrenreich, author of “Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America”  makes the case that businesses are becoming increasingly irrational with their obsession with fake positivity and actively deterring healthy skepticism, firing such helpful employees, and that such a widespread bias contributed to the global economic crisis of 2008. There were a number of instances where astute accountants tried to warn their bosses and lost their jobs for bringing up bad news, even though it was true and acting upon it could have saved the companies and peoples’ savings.

Still, it is the winning organizations which encourage voices such as Kenny’s.

In his book “Making Ideas Happen,” Scott Belsky, creator of the artist portfolio gallery Behance, says, “…many creative teams set up periodic meetings throughout the development process called “challenge meetings.” In a challenge meeting, anyone is invited to ask and answer questions like “What doesn’t make sense with our current plan?” “What are we missing? and “What should change?””

He also says, “An early theme that emerged in my interviews with creative professionals was the practice of “contrarianism,” or the act of purposely thinking against the grain when approaching problems and brainstorming new ideas. Contrarians are willing to manage (if not embrace) the uncertainties and risks inherent in thinking differently. And by questioning the norms, they are bound to either find better approaches or to feel more confidence in the old ways of doing things.”


If you ever find yourself in a managerial role, be like Todd: keep the Kennys around!

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

Another lovely and Wraithy place!

This is a unique, all-digital, aquatic themed installation.

Full of texture and light,even floor patterns, just like hive ships! 🙂

And, because it is digital, it is cruelty-free (no captive fellow animals)

Wonderful! ❤

The Time for Progressive Fan Works is NOW

Readers, I know you have seen it. How many times have you gotten far into what seemed to be a Wraith-centric story which looked like it was going to be good, but then the author has the Lanteans bomb the hive? Or, how about when, out of nowhere, the author writes the Wraith as doing cruel things that humans do and does not even fit Wraith culture?

I highly encourage compassionate people to proudly post their own Wraith fan works, because we as readers deserve better and we as creatives deserve better.

For the socially-responsible creatives out there, now is a great time to be sharing.

Even though Stargate has been off the air for many years now, this site has been doing very well! It has been up for less than a year and already has half that many views as my old dA page of over 8 years (and 1/5 of those dA views came from a Pinterest link to a journal I had about art composition).

Consider the following:

*In a time of deep divisions, both internationally and within our own nations, due to race and other demographics, deep down, people long for better and the market is starved for sanctuaries to get away from the hate and to look to better ideals to strive for. In spite of the temporary bad things that happen, nonviolence is culturally ascendant.

*The leading search engine is known to be socially responsible, so is on your side, promoting and investing in positivity, such as plant-based foods/vegan living, diversity and equality, and environmental preservation.

*Oppressors have no inhibitions about posting about violence and aggression, as we have seen when searching for fanfics, so why should you refrain from posting about nonviolence, building bridges, love, diversity, and cultural understanding?

*Fanfics do not have to be long. In fact, with people being so busy, short stories are convenient.

So, if you are a forward-thinking creative, now is a great time to add your works to the mix. I would like to see more of such Wraith stuff, of course, but I am sure other fandoms are also in need (and original stuff would be great too).