Behind the Scenes Photos, Videos, and Costumes

*My Photobucket – Here is my collection of over 5,000 Wraith pics with belongings, medical tools, weapons, interiors, costumes, etc. Too big to currently fit on WordPress! 😀
Wraith character photos, about 200 photos for each season:
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Colorful Hiveship Floorings
Sculptures and Art
Interiors General, including thrones
Hiveships, Cruisers, Drones, Scout Ships, Facilities Behind the Scenes

Below is a list of links of backstage photos. Note that many of these sites are now only preserved through the Wayback Machine. If you see a thumbnail you like a lot and hope for a larger version, see my post on using Google image search. I am trying to give credit to where these photos were found, so long as they are public-facing accounts, while using L33t in the names to respect privacy, as some of the creatives are no longer in show biz:

* – Atlantis-TV is a Russian language site with many of the backstage photos which are on the MGM site. There are also floor plans from Joe’s blog, fan-uploaded pics from Cons, concept artwork, etc.

*MGM’s old Official Stargate Site – Many of the BTS photos one sees came from this site. Photos and also some videos, by season and episode number. The original site address redirects to lackluster Facebook page as of summer 2017, but some of the old content is up on the Wayback Machine:

*GateWorld’s Image Gallery – contains some of the MGM site behind the scenes photos. Each episode has galleries for backstage promo photos and also low-res DVD captures.

*From Stargate to Atlantis Lowdown Video – “From Stargate to Atlantis: A Sci-Fi Lowdown” is a video by Syfy (SciFi at the time) running about 50 minutes. Half of the time celebrates SG1 going into season 8 and the other half gives a preview of SGA as a spin-off show. There are many short, humorous interviews with the season 1 SGA ‘gate team. Of Wraith interest, concept art was shown. Some of this art was repeated in other videos and auction sites, but there are still some original screenshots. Some of the Wraithy clips from the show are also more raw, without special effects alterations.
Some screenshots:
The video can be found on sharethefiles as well as YouTube, broken up into 6 parts here:

*Apollonia Van0va’s Web Page – Apollonia’s official webpage features 5 behind-the-scenes photos of the Primary. UPDATE: Her site is now an art site. The photos are still on the Wayback Machine:

*Andee Frizz3ll’s Official web page – Andee’s Official web page has 9 Queen photos in the Acting resume section.
In the parent directory, there are also additional images of her in character.
She also used to have a blog. Thankfully for the Wayback Machine, the pictures of the process to create the look for Queen Laura were preserved:
It was a 4:30AM to 9:30AM process!

*Dan P4yne’s Web Page – Dan’s professional website features him as “Boris” from “Sateda.” There are 6 photos total, split among the “Behind the Scenes” and “In Character” galleries. There are also photos of him as other SG characters.

* – has interviews from a number of SGA creators. I found 3 dart section prop photos not seen anywhere else. There are also 2 Andee interviews and 1 JL interview, but I had seen those photos before. Also of Wraith interest on the site are Wraith smilies, ship wallpapers, and some promo type photos which were also on the MGM website.

*”The Prodigal” Behind the Scenes Video – This short video features about 1 minute and 30 seconds of Connor in Michael costume talking about works with stunts and stunt doubles. The remaining minute focuses more so on the Jason’s character Ronon being thrown from the city balcony. I believe this was originally on the MGM site with the one from “The Queen,” but most of those links have not been working for me for some time. I did find a link to it on StargateArchive, along with some other SGA videos:

*Film24 SGA Behind the Scenes Video – Film24 appears to have been a channel on Sky in the UK, later bought by Sony. In 2008, they aired a roughly 30 minute video with interviews and behind the scenes footage about SGA. At this time, I can’t find any videos, but Stargate Archive has many screencaps:
The Wraith stuff looks like a lot of replay from the episodes, along with set tour photos that look like the ones scifi pi and others sites have submitted. It would still be nice to know the commentary.

*D4vid Nykl’s Blog and Twitter – Before switching the Twitter, David kept a blog, “Letters from Pegasus.”
The posts from the earlier years have SGA content, including 2 pictures of the Wraith fans call Archimedes (possibly called Ewan by the costume department) and Carter with a stunner pistol to her forehead.
From DNykl, as Zelenka pointing to a screen image of Michael:

*SciFi Pi Stargate Spycam Videos – SciFi Pi’s video footage of the SGA sets in Bridge Studios has been preserved on the Wayback Machine.
The quality isn’t the best, but there are 2 Wraith-related ones. They show how the material making up the hive walls and Queen’s throne are flexible and rubbery, yielding to hand pressure, and would be comfortable to it on.
I also made some hand-made screencaps:

*Jeni’s MGM Web Programming Blog – Jeni is one of the programmers for the MGM SGA fansite. Her blog contains a few additional behind-the-scenes photos.
Of Wraith interest, in the 2008 entries, there are pics of John in front of one of Michael’s lab computers, a hiveship floor with a light pattern on it, a drone hauling John away (same as the one on MGM site), John in a hive hallway, and a pic similar to one already on the MGM page but a little different of Fred’s knife-through-the-hand effects being applied.

*Old SciFi.Com Atlantis website – Scifi’s old SGA webpage was preserved through the Wayback Machine. Mostly thumbnails remain, but the tech and production art photos live on in the Stargate Wiki. For somewhat fun, there are 6 mockument ship log entries of the events of the first few episodes of season 1 from the Wraith point of view. It straddles the fence between sympathetic and flat-stock, but worth reading once:

*Atlantis Rising Preview to Stargate Atlantis Video – “Atlantis Rising” is a DVD which was produced in 2004. It contains “Rising” episodes 1 and 2, but it also came with features that did not make it on the later boxed sets. These features include SG1 video game trailer/artwork, and 8 minute preview to season 2 with director interviews, and a 23 minute behind-the-scenes featurette called “Preview to Stargate Atlantis.” Of Wraith interest, in the featurette, there is an interview with art director James Robb1ns. He explains early Wraith concept art iterations and examples are shown. There is also footage of Queen Sally and pre-VFX Wraith darts.Here is a YouTube video of the “Preview to Stargate Atlantis” featurette, with Spanish subtitles: Here is a related gallery of Wraithy screencaps:
Here is the video in English:

*Abydos Gate Gallery – This site has a lot of SGA photos collected from various sites. Many of them were probably found on Joe’s blog, especially ones with DSCXXXX.jpg naming conventions. If the photos were from Joe’s blog, to see the photos in their original glorious full sizes, the photo names can be Googled with Joe’s name.As of 12/2016, the server connection is timing out and it may be offline, but is preserved on the Way Back Machine:

*Carole Seg4l’s Online Photography portfolio – Carole’s website features sections for SG1, SGA, and SGU. The SGA section has photos similar to the ones on the MGM site, but slightly different frame timing, which shows up in details like mouths being open or closed and hair swaying in the air. Additionally, there are 2 Queen Mina photos I had not seen before. As of 12/2016, the page is not loading, but is preserved on the Way Back Archive:

*RTL2 Video Interviews – The RTL2 channel in Germany put together a dazzling array of videos, including an interview with artist James Robbins, Todd Masters of Masters FX, and the costume and set departments.
Unfortunately, these links appear to be broken, but can be viewed on the Way Back Machine Internet Archive.
The videos do not appear to be downloadable, but I put together a gallery of print screens by hand and trimmed in GIMP. There are 44 photos of interiors, face masks, and backstage photos of Wraith.

*Iratus Bug Animations by Kyle Winkelm4n – CG-Animator Kyle Winkelm4n’s site has a couple of downloadable videos showing how various Starhate scenes were animated in 3D, including some Iratus bugs.

*Stunt Actor Br1an Ho’s Site – Actor Br1an Ho portrayed Michael’s Iratus bug hybrid in “Vengeance.” His online photo gallery has 2 pictures of himself in this costume.

*Stunt Actress Kim Ch1ang’s Site – Kim Ch1ang’s stunt web site shows her in costume for one of Michael’s “Whispers” hybrids and posing with Queen Teyla in full Wraith makeup:

*Stunt Actress Lani Gel3ra’s Site – Lani Gel3ra did stunt work for SGA, including Queen Teyla in “The Queen.” Her site features stunts and stunt double photos, including one in full Wraith costume.

*Bridget McGu1re’s Set Portfolio – Set designer Bridget McGu1re has an online portfolio website.There are some Wraith photo sets of Queen Betty’s interrogation room as well as many Atlantean sets:

*Lee Ann Char3tte’s Online Portfolio – Lee Ann Char3tte’s helped with Wraith special effects. Her online portfolio features a portrait of Neo, a group of drones, Todd, and an unknown Wraith male:

*Stagehand Space Video with Bob the Wraith – Theoldstagehand on YouTube posted a video of MastersFX. There is a lot of excellent footage of Bob’s facial prosthetics being applied, both during and after.
My screenshots at photobucket:

*Search and Rescue footage from Joe’s blog – 3 video clips were posted 01/05/2013 from “Search and Rescue.” Two are Wraith tech playback screens and one is the filming of Michael and his hybrids interacting with Wraith tech navigational controls.
The videos can be downloaded by clicking the “share” down-arrow in the upper left corners.

*James Robb1ns Art Portfolio Website – Artist James C. D. Robb1ns has an online art portfolio filled with art shop production sketches and pictures of finished works. Included are pictures of Jimmy, Sally, retrovirused Ellia, and Wraith feeding hands as well as sketches for weapons and character sketches like Spike.
A beautiful slideshow on YouTube of some more of his art, including winged Wraith prototypes and Wraith ship interior and exterior prototype sketches.

*Outsiders Wraith on the Lot Video and Pics – Dave and Tubbs are featured behind the scenes on break on the lot at Bridge Studios, both in this video and in Joe’s blog pics from June 12, 2008.

*Midway Behind the Scenes Video from Joe’s Blog – Features Tommy and Karl. Originally posted on Joe’s blog on Oct 23, 2011:
From Joe’s blog, the videos can be downloaded by clicking the share option in the upper left corners.

*InFANity Stargate Atlantis Video – The 35-minute TV GUIDE Channel show InFANity did an episode on SGA and it features behind-the-scenes footage of Tommy and Karl.
French over-dub versions are fairly easy to find:
Screencap gallery here:
Here is a link to the video in English:

*Make-up artist Rachel Griff1n’s online resume features – Make-up artist Rachel Griff1n’s online resume features Wraith behind-the-scenes photos.
“Reunion” scientist and another Wraith (nicknamed Archimedes and Mortimer by some fans)
Young Ellia and retrovirused Ellia:
Michael’s Hybrids in Atlantis:
Queen Sally:
Whispers Hybrids:

*MastersFX Facebook and Twitter Pages – MastersFX made the special effects for the Wraith make-up.
EDIT/UPDATE: The company’s website had a few Wraith pictures, but it has been redesigned and those photo links are no longer working.
As of 11/13/2013, they have some Wraith pics on their Facebook and one of Queen Ruby’s head prop on Twitter.
From Monstermasters, MastersFX posts a pic of the fake prop of Queen Ruby’s head:
Their group on Facebook’s photo gallery contains behind-the-scenes pictures of Michael, Sally, Betty, Ellia, Rhys, Vincent, Ian, Ray, and Jimmy.
Some of the Michael, Sally, and Rhys photos were in larger sized on the MastersFX webpage, but the photo of Betty, Rhys with makeup application, and Travellers photos were new to me. The one with the guitar is not to be missed.

*The Queen Behind the Scenes with David Nykl Video – This video features sets, props, and characters from “The Queen” with David Nykl narrating and BamBam demonstrating the fight sequences for the crew. There are also some parts with the masked warriors and an actor demonstrating how difficult it is to see with those masks.

*LA Times BTS Article and Pics for Season 5 – Various season 5 pics, mostly from “The Queen” and a few from “Tracker”:
The original site is gone, but has been archived with most of the 43 pics still intact, viewable one at a time by clicking the right and left arrow keys. Most of them can be enlarged as well. If a picture will not load, try refreshing your browser.
Here is my collected gallery of the Wraith-related photos:

*Alec McClym0nt’s online ship VFX gallery – Alec McClym0nt’s online ship VFX gallery:

*Costume designer Val Halvers0n’s web page – Costume designer Val Halvers0n’s web page has some of the best pictures of Akaska and Ruby’s dresses.
Akasha front:
Akasha back:
The site also has up-close pictures of the textures of Michael, Todd, and other SGA characters’ uniforms in the Fantasy gallery section:

*Costume designer Leslie Ca1rns blog – Costume designer Leslie Ca1rns shares photos on her blog of the making of Queen Laura and Mina’s Dresses:

*Holland Miller Prosthetics Facebook Page – Community page for FX artist Holland Miller’s work. There is a larger photo of a Rhys one which has been on an FX page and also a new one of Phineas.

*Stargate Atlantis Hits the Road: Las Vegas, Nevada – video on Stargate Command’s YouTube channel showing how some of the scenes in “Vegas” were filmed and has Spike in his human disguise. It had been on the old MGM site and is different from the feature with a similar name on the DVDs.
My screen shots on Photobucket:

*Mission Directive Videos on Discs – The DVDs and BDs have special features on them, some with Wraith footage. Note: the special features on the BDs are not in the better HD 1080p format, only the actual episodes.
Season 1:
*”Wraithial Discrimination: It’s Not Easy Being Green” A very Wraith-centric video, this one has footage of Gordon, Darrel, NoFace, and Osprey.
Season 2:
*Mission Directive: The Siege (Part 3)” Owen is shown a few times as well as a masked warrior dancing.
*“Stargate Atlantis: Stunts” There is a short clip of a Wraith from the Siege part 3 (also in the Siege part 3 feature video) and Ellia in her retrovirused form (also in the Instinct feature video).
*“Mission Directive: Instinct” Ellia is the only Wraith in the video, and mainly in her retrovirused form.
Season 3:
*”Mission Directive: Sateda” This is mainly Boris with some short clips of Gawain.
*”Inside the Stargate Atlantis Visual FX Department” There is some footage of how the darts in flight were given special effects and also Queen Taina’s scene in “Submersion” where the water comes rushing through the door.
*”Masters of the Alien” The main feature is how the Wraith Boris’s facial costume was made and applied by the MastersFX team. There is also some footage of Todd and some stills of Sally and Jimmy art prints.
Season 4:
*”Stargate Atlantis Bloopers” There is a short scene with Tommy and Todd at about 6:48 into the video.
Season 5:
*”Mission Directive: Tracker” This one features a lot of Wraith. Though some of the stills are blurry, these screencaps are good for artists for the martial arts poses, flowing coats, and close-ups of the boots with a style and tread different than those Phineas wore in “Phantoms.”
* “The Life and Death of Michael Kenmore” features interviews with Connor Trinneer and shows some of the stunt work of how Michael was shown to fall from Atlantis’s heights.
* “Stargate Atlantis Goes to Vegas” has a lot of Spike the Wraith and the stunt work involved in the filming of the scene where the stunt actor crash lands after jumping off of the building.
Links to related screencaps and videos:
*Various screencaps of multiple videos:
*”Mission Directive: Tracker” screencaps:
*”Wraithial Discrimination: It’s Not Easy Being Green” screencaps by Gateleaf at LiveJournal:
*”Wraithial Discrimination: It’s Not Easy Being Green” On YouTube:

*The Sanctuary TV show, season 1, episode 8, Edward, has a black and white drawing of Boris and also an Unas. Here are some screencaps:

*Joseph Mall0zzi’s Blog – The archive in Joe’s blog has full-size resolutions of some of the behind-the-scenes Wraith pics, especially from later seasons. Here is a list of some photos of Wraith and Wraith tech:
5/14/2007 Todd:
5/30/2007 BP Todd:
8/13/2007 stunner staffs:
8/24/2007 drones:
8/26/2007 Tommy and Karl:
9/13/2007 stunner bomb concept art:
10/12/2007 ultrasound concept art;
1/2/2008 drones:
2/4/2008 drones:
2/14/2008 data tablet production art:
2/18/2008 Michael’s tech and set:
2/20/2008 Michael’s tech:
3/6/2008 latex wall from set:
3/20/2008 Michael and set:
3/18/2008 Rhys:
3/22/2008 Michael, hybrids, and set:
3/25/2008 Michael, hybrids, and set:
3/28/2008 hiveship interior set:
5/5/2008 Todd:
5/8/2008 Todd and Jean-Luc:
6/4/2008 Todd
6/12/2008 Dave, Tubbs:
6/23/2008 Dave, Tubbs:
7/26/2008 Rhys:
7/29/2008: The Seed set:
8/27/2008 interior set pieces including stairs:
8/29/2008 EM generator set:
8/31/2008 Michael’s lab equipment:
9/3/2008 Tommy:
10/2/2008 Todd:
11/13/2008 Iratus bug:
2/10/2009 Wraith screen feedback screencaps for computers and tablets:
8/5/2010 Todd, Jean-Luc, Queen Teyla:
3/1/2012 Todd and Drones:
6/13/2012 Greg:
8/23/2012 Michael and Iratus bug creature
9/6/2012 Two Wraith set photos from Reunion
1/5/2013 Search and Rescue, Michael, Wraith tech pics and videos
1/9/2013 set from The Seed
1/11/2013 repeats of 3/18/2008 Rhys and 7/26/2008 Rhys in same resolutions, but also some set pics of Atlantis
1/22/2013 The Queen concept art, Todd, Teyla, Primary Akasha (pics are repeats from other blogs and MGM site)
1/27/2013 very high-resolution picture of First Contact Todd
2/1/2013 SGA prop builder artist and Wraith dart prop
2/2/2013 Dave (a higher resolution of this is floating around elsewhere)
2/7/2013 Michael and hybrids in The Prodigal – 2 of these were new, similar to ones on the MGM site but slightly different
2/15/2013 Drones, drones, and more drones from Infection, including 2 short video clips
2/22/2013 Spike (one is like the MGM site but larger and the other has not been seen before by the page author)
3/30/2013 Wraith facility floor plan layouts
7/03/2016 Wraith feeding hand production art (not new per se, but best quality scan I have seen to date)