Costume and Prop Auctions

The majority of SGA costumes, props, art prints, etc. were sold through Propworx (via eBay, the Propworx webstore, or LiveAuctioneers). Most of the items, but not the most recent ones, have been archived on their webpage. Here are some prop-related links.

Propworx Stargate Artifacts site:*/

Propworx auctions archive through Liveauctioneers:

Propworx auctions archive via eBay (missing Feb-June of 2011):

Propworx auctions YouTube channel: Has videos with artifacts, including a drone costume and some Wraithy items. fans sharing photos of their prizes: is another site occasionally of interest to Wraith fans. Buyers of items auctioned by Propworx and VIP occasionally resell their props here. So far, they have auctioned a freestanding hiveship bench, a stunner pistol and holster set, and Karl’s top coat layer riddled with bullet hole effects and simulated red blood. The gauntlets which come with Karl’s coat are the wrong ones and the episode information in the item description also incorrectly says “Kindred” instead of “Midway.”

To current auction items, search for “Wraith” on the Propstore search box. To find photos of past auctions, do a Google image search for “Propstore Wraith.” Some images of past auctions will display. Click on the photo and select “Display Image” (because the display page option is useless after the auction has ended). There are usually 9 or so photos of each item, which can be seen by changing the photo number near the end of the image title in the address bar and pressing the Enter key.

As of 12/2015, most of the images are offline, but this entry has been preserved on the Wayback Machine:
throne, including rare full back and side views: (18 photos)

They also have a nice YouTube video of a stunner pistol, describing it and showing it in different angles:

YouTube video of Michael’s ultrasound scanner, showing how lights work:

YouTube video of data device with lights:

Additional sites:

Propbay is another site which is displaying screen-used items, sometimes also selling them:

Stargate Prop Shop on Facebook for sharing photos of props:

The Prop Block resells Stargate items sometimes too.
Wraith vest:
Jean-Luc’s sword: