Production Used Data Simulation Files

After VIP and Propworx auctioned off Stargate production screen used simulation files, the person who won these when they were auctioned off was generous to all the fans as to make them free or nearly free on a popular auction site and they are still fairly easy to find as of 6/2018 as other fans also keep paying it forward.

The files are clips of a few seconds each and feature Wraith data and system animations of playback seen on data tablets, computers, and displays.

There were 5 disc versions on eBay at one time, now condensed. Digital downloads are about 6.79 GiB in 868 files, including SGU files.

Here are some screencaps of the files. These would be great for making photomanips and anyone interested in scifi playback or Wraith culture.


One of the artists who worked on the season 2 graphics, there is 1 hive screenshot preserved:

A YouTube compilation:

More playback interface screens are on these YouTube videos:
A mash-up of several:
There are a few other SGA and SGU videos, but these are the Wraithy ones.

There are torrents of these floating around and can be found by Google and here are 2 links:

Here is a link for DropBox and a great SG prop group, possibly the origin of the files:

A download link by a 3D printing artist:

***Special thanks to those above-mentioned fans for sharing these files, especially the original auction buyer. You are appreciated!***