Wraith and Worshipper Characters

Wraith and Worshipper Characters

Bullseye the Wraith and his devoted worshipper . 😉 One of my first Wraithy drawings, going back to 2010. My first and last attempt at scanning and coloring a traditional drawing. I’ll stick to 100% digital from now on and skip the lost details. My worshipper character is wearing a belt made from gears because she gathers Hoffan scrap metals to throw as target practice for the wraith to shoot down and she gathers the parts to make the unusual jewelry. The Wraith Bullseye is a technician and engineer as well as an expert marksman and enjoys all the free time available to him now, exploring the Pegasus galaxy. In the setting, the wraith had scientists invented devices that fed the wraith directly from the energy of the universe and there was peace with the Lanteans.